The 2016 Euro River Tour will be a classic serving of some of the best cycling roads in Europe, River Cruise holidaying and riding with Australian cycling legend Phil Anderson OAM on board for the duration and a guest appearance by the voice of cycling, Phil Liggett.

Including some of the most beautiful rides in Europe over a relaxed 15 days along the route of the great Danube, main Danube Canal and Rhine river systems. We invite our cyclists, their partners and non-cycling guests to join Phil and Phil as they recount their stories of a life in the upper echelon of the pro-tour circuit.

We’ll pick you up from the River Port in Budapest, Hungary. We have selected rides from Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Holland and finally Amsterdam, departing port to port or port and back to fit in with a cruise schedule and tourism options that will captivate.

FRIDAY 17 JUNE 2016 – Day 1

Welcome to Hungary’s exciting capital city. Budapest welcomes you to the start of a cycling experience like no other.

This afternoon, board your river cruise vessel and meet your crew at an evening welcome reception.

Please note that all guests must be on-board the ship before 5pm.

There is no ride scheduled for today.

All riders will have the opportunity to meet their ride host and guide Phil Anderson, Aussie cycling icon. Phil and his staff will assist with bike set up, gear check and general discussion about all cycling related matters and the rides to come.

Avalon River Cruise

SATURDAY 18 JUNE 2016 – Day 2

The Phil Anderson Cycling welcome ride is a long established tradition.

A gentle introduction to cycling in Europe while riding through exciting Budapest. Starting from the port and heading onto the bike trails we will head into the foothills on the outskirts of the city.

Opportunities to sample the coffee, pastries and culture of Budapest as we roll through the streets of this historic town are plentiful and likely to distract us from the ride.

The pace will be easy, grupetto style giving you an opportunity to get to know your fellow cycling enthusiast while our staff get to know you.

Avalon River Cruise

SUNDAY 19 JUNE 2016 – Day 3

Travelling overnight we have reached the port town of Bratislava, Slovakia.

Situated at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains and the Capital of Slovakia, Bratislava can be explored by foot, a guided tour or an exploratory ride on your own.

Join Phil and staff on the guided walk through fascinating Bratislava. The cobbled streets and narrow laneways hold in their grasp the history of the old town and bear the hallmarks of a future potential bike course should time permit!

Avalon River Cruise

MONDAY 20 JUNE 2016 – Day 4

Phil Anderson presents a 75km ride that incorporates the famous Danube bike path and the additional indulgence of an opportunity to ride with friend and colleague Phil Liggett.

After a gentle warm up we will have a chance for a good hit out through the narrow roads of the Keirlinger Forest before returning back to historic Vienna along the banks of the Danube.

Once the centre of the might Habsburg Empire, Austria’s capital houses many Viennese coffee houses replete with Sachertorte or Apfelstrudel, a pre-requisite component of any Austrian ride.

Avalon River Cruise

TUESDAY 21 JUNE 2016 – Day 5

A traditional cyclist’s early roll out with Phil and Phil at the helm will see us leave the port of Krems and riding under the Danube on the start of a 70km ride.

Rolling hills will challenge you, the 11th Century Gotteig Benedictine Monastery will delight en-route. We will roll past wineries, consider stopping for a short recovery before we return to the Danube via a ferry crossing at Spitz. Rolling into historic Durnstein this 16th Century town, complete with cobbled streets and the inevitable coffee houses will complete the ride before heading back to port

Avalon River Cruise

WEDNESDAY 22 JUNE 2016 – Day 6

Backing up for our third and perhaps longest ride of the trip we follow the Danube port to port.

Phil presents an exciting boat chase with full commentary from the voice of cycling. Leaving Litz our ride will take us along 85kms of narrow country roads and bike paths on the borders of Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany. We will have our race faces on as we chase the ship along the river as it cruises from Litz to Passau.

Arriving in Passau, which sits on the convergence of the Ilz and Danube rivers we are greeted with a maze of cobblestone streets. Now masters of the pave we may have time for a coffee before boarding the ship for the next leg of our journey.

Avalon River Cruise

THURSDAY 23 JUNE 2016 – Day 7

Every Grand Tour is won on with active recovery factored into the rest days.

Like most great races the organisers factor this into the course. Every great cyclist knows the routine, a gentile roll out, active recovery early in the morning, a massage, media engagements and family time on each Grand Tour Rest Day is allowed.

Regensberg dates back to the time of the Celts around 500 BC and is one of Germany best preserved medieval cities. Take to the streets on your bike or on the guided tour with Phil in tow. It doesn’t matter how you see it but ancient Roman fortifications never cease to amaze and Regensburg has much to offer.

Avalon River Cruise

FRIDAY 24 JUNE 2016 – Day 8

There are no secrets about today, early morning excursions onto unknown trails are not planned. It is a morning on the River and as the captain sets sail for distant ports in far flung lands. Like true professionals we will elevate our legs and sit and listen to the dulcet tones of Phil Liggett who with Phil Anderson and friends will engage us with tales of the peloton. From days past to the present there are many stories to be told before our guest disembarks to prepare for the looming 2016 Tour de France.

This afternoon Nuremberg beckons. Decimated during WWII much of the old town has been restored. Distinguished by its medieval architecture the rich tapestry of ancient forts blended with gothic churches make for a compelling visit. Wander through the streets of the Altstradt to the Hauptmarkt which contains the Schoner Brunnen, the gilded fountain, before we head to port and set sail.

Avalon River Cruise

SATURDAY 25 JUNE 2016 – Day 9

A visit to a UNESCO world heritage site should not be passed up and it will be a busy morning after we arrive in Medieval Bamburg.

Though there is no scheduled ride today, should opportunity arise, the routine of the avid cyclist, though not strictly adhered to on this trip could be considered. Rising early an unsanctioned roll out on the banks of the glorious Danube before heading into town could well be on the cards despite it being an official rest day.

A guided tour of the 13th-century Romanesque cathedral and the fascinating Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall)-built on an island in the middle of the Regnitz River when the bishop refused to give the townspeople land for a town hall is on Phil’s agenda

Avalon River Cruise

SUNDAY 26 JUNE 2016 – Day 10

After some active recovery today’s ride will head into the hills. Wurzburg will make an immediate impression with imposing fortress and baroque style residences surrounded by hillside vineyards.

Well rested we will roll off the boat for an early hit out through the hillside vineyards of Wurzburg on ride that will take us on the first steps of the Romantic Road. We will ride 75km today on a route that connects some of the historic villages and that was traversed by the Roman’s in day’s past. With fresh legs the tough little pinches that rise to greet us should not be a problem.

Opportunity for the inevitable espresso stops are highly likely on this popular route.

Avalon River Cruise

MONDAY 27 JUNE 2016 – Day 11

Wary now of ride descriptions, “flat”, “small pinches” the challenge of a “small mountain” tomorrow would suggest a rest day is on the cards.

Should time permit a small roll out is an option however the, the picturesque Bavarian village of Miltenberg, tucked away behind medieval walls and towered gates should be visited.

Sitting on the banks of the Main River the town’s delightful Marktplatz (market square), which centres around a Renaissance-era fountain and features striking half-timbered buildings and cobblestone lanes, (pave) is impressive.

Take time out to visit one of the oldest inns in Germany, Haus zum Riesen (The Giant’s House) before you head back to port.

Avalon River Cruise

TUESDAY 28 JUNE 2016 – Day 12

We arrive in late in Rudesheim, a quintessential Rhine Valley wine town.

Today’s ride at 65km is shorter than most but one that will leave a sting in your legs. Our circuit takes us north of the Rhine and we have only a small mountain, 525m to conquer but with gradients of 5 -10% this 5km climb will have the field strung out on our ascent. Majestic views wait as we catch our breath and re-group before the descent to the Valley below.

Back to Port we then head downstream from Rudesheim, through the dramatic Rhine Gorge, the most beautiful stretch of the river. Here, ancient castles stand sentry on lofty cliffs rising 122 metres above the waters. Cruise past the legendary rock of the Lorelei, where echoes of enchanted siren song lured unwitting sailors to their doom.

Avalon River Cruise

WEDNESDAY 29 JUNE 2016 – Day 13

Arriving in Cologne in the early morning hours a cyclist may of his own accord head out to ride the streets on an exploration of this beautiful city!

One of Germany’s largest cities and capital of the Rhineland, Cologne straddles both sides of the Rhine and is known for its soaring, twin steeple gothic cathedral.

Choose between an included guided city walk or Jewish heritage walk or ride stopping at old town cafes for espresso with time to check the news for the Tour de France updates

Avalon River Cruise

THURSDAY 30 JUNE 2016 – Day 14

Having cruised from Hungary to Holland our last formal cycling challenge will be the echelon formations that are requisite when riding in the windy flat lands.

Familiar now with rolling turns, gupetto riding, your position in the peloton this ride take you from windmills to tulip farms. The canal rides of Holland and Belgium are standard fare for a cyclist as we navigate around Amsterdam on a 55km farewell loop.

Done, it’s time to enjoy Amsterdam, Holland’s sophisticated capital. This delightful 700-year-old city with its elegant and classic architecture, cafes and restaurants, and lively marketplace has a distinct ambiance. With over 60 museums, Amsterdam has the highest museum density in the world. Get a unique perspective of the city on an included canal cruise, floating along the elegant Grachten lined with stately homes dating back to Amsterdam’s “Golden Age.”

Avalon River Cruise

Friday 1 JULY 2016 – Day 15

Your cruise ends with Breakfast this morning.

Phil Anderson bids you farewell unless your onward travels include the 2016 Phil Anderson Cycling Grand Depart.

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