Saddle up for a Horse Racing experience like no other in Australia’s outback!

Known as the ‘Melbourne Cup of the Outback’, the races are a showstopper with horses from all over Australia competing for the coveted Birdsville Cup. But there’s more to Birdsville than just the races! 

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The Hidden Gem in Our Own Backyard

1,582km west of Brisbane deep in the Australian Outback on the edge of South Australia and Northern Territory borders, you’ll find a tiny little town that is larger than life!

Home to only 115 people for 363 days of the year, for the two days of races 6,000 to flock to revel in experiences you won’t find anywhere else!

The World’s Last Boxing Troupe!

Boxing Troupes live on with Fred Brophy and Birdsville!  Fred’s Boxing Troupe welcomes you to strap on the gloves and take on one of his expert boxers in a 3 round rumble.  

Entering the ring isn’t for everyone, but the entertainment and showmanship on display by Fred is truly the last of its kind in the world!

A Big Red Sunset

Now that you’re here, the Big Red is a sight to behold and its sands are to be conquered.  On the outskirts of Birdsville is the famous ‘Big Red’ Sand Dune.  Conquer the 40 metre dunes by 4WD then sit back, raise a glass and soak in the picturesque & panoramic desert sunset.

Outback Beers at the Birdsville Hotel

Standing strong since 1884, the quaint outback pub holds national recognition, ranked amongst the best Australian Outback pubs.  When the races aren’t running, the Birdsville Hotel is the perfect spot to cool off. Perch up at the front bar or snap up a beer garden table.  Get to know the Birdsville locals over a crisp pint, classic pub meal and friendly yarn at the local watering hole.

Not your average outback waterhole

There’s more than one watering hole in Birdsville, but one streams beer and the other streams pure serenity! The Birdsville Billabong is located on the cusp of the town and is your sanctuary for dropping in a line, kayaking, swimming or cruising along on a paddle board. The serenity is relaxing and it’s another magnificent spot for you to admire a stunning outback sunset.

How do I get to Birdsville?

Via Charter Plane, Sportsnet® will fly you directly into Birdsville from Adelaide. You’ll be set with race day tickets, accommodation and a range of outback experiences to tick off that bucket-list
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If you’d prefer just ticket and accommodation packages, Sportsnet® can help you too.
Getting to Birdsville can be quite the trek. Be prepared for a two day drive from Brisbane.




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