23 Destinations to dream of...

For our 23rd birthday we're revisiting 23 destinations you can look forward to getting back to

Destination #12 | Texas, USA


Did you know? The armadillo is the official state mammal of Texas. (Photos: © Unsplash and Red Bull Content Pool)


We love exploring new places and with Texas being the second largest state in America it sure does give us a lot to explore.

Something thing that draws us here is their Cowboy culture, from the boots and spurs to the Cowboy hats and rodeos, we think it’s all pretty great.

Another thing we love is the unique world-class BBQ they have on offer, we know that whenever we eat in Texas we are sure to go home with a full belly. 

One bragging right that Texas holds is that its capital city, Austin, is known as the worlds live music capital. If you’re a fan of music, this is a fantastic place to spend time supporting artists. 

Our passion is experiencing sporting events live, sometimes it gives us the chance to attend one off sporting events. 

Back in 2013 the Supercars were brought to Austin for an exciting race, unfortunately it hasn’t ran there again since and this is why it’s important to make the most of each chance you have to attend an event.

We are grateful that we were able to experience the Austin 400 and will be keeping our eye out for the next event we can attend in Texas.