23 Destinations to dream of...

For our 23rd birthday we're revisiting 23 destinations you can look forward to getting back to

Destination #13 | Sydney, Australia


Did you know? Sydney has over 100 beaches within its city limits. The most well-known ones include Bondi, Coogee, Bronte and Manly.

Sydney is home to world known attractions like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. 

The Harbour Bridge climb is a standout experience, for those who want to get the best view. This climb will take you 134 metres above the Sydney Harbour and gives you nothing less than an extraordinary view.

When we think about the sporting events Sydney have to offer, we have a few events that spring to mind.

There’s Everest Day that is always very glamorous, exciting and who doesn’t love cheering on your favourite horse?

Next we have the day of cars being pushed to their limits while you watch the Supercars compete at Bathurst, they always put on an action-packed day.

Then there is the State of Origin, the greatest players in the Australia join forces to battle it out for victory between the Blues and the Maroons.

With so many experiences on offer, there’s no doubt we will be heading back there soon.

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