23 Destinations to dream of...

For our 23rd birthday we're revisiting 23 destinations you can look forward to getting back to

Destination #20 | San Francisco, USA

San Francisco

Did you know? The Golden Gate Bridge is the best-known symbol of San Francisco, and has been a scene for at least one hundred movies.

This is a tourist destination that boasts about being an inclusive city with fantastic food and having a pretty cool bridge.

The Golden Gate Bridge stands 67 meters (220 feet) above water, not only has the bridge been included in the scenes of many movies, it also has 40 million drivers use it each year.

While you’re working on your bucket list, don’t forget to add Alcatraz Island.

This is a trip for anyone who is a fan exploring exhibits, taking time to do a your around the prison or even just exploring exploring the Ruins of the Warden’s House and Officers’ Club.

We do love taking in everything cities have to offer, but we have to admit that when it comes to events, The Super Bowl is in a league of its own. 

The Super Bowl is always an amazing event to watch and seeing it live takes it to the next level.

We would be back there in a heartbeat, to watch another Super Bowl spectacle or to enjoy everything the city has to offer. 


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