23 Destinations to dream of...

For our 23rd birthday we're revisiting 23 destinations you can look forward to getting back to

Destination #22 | Tuscany, Italy


Did you know? The top speed of a MotoGP bike was recorded on the Mugello track in 2019, with a top speed of 356.7km/h (221.6 mph).

Founded 23 years ago by some brothers with a dream and proud Italian heritage, it’s no wonder why Tuscany, Italy is one of the destinations the Sportsnet® team is dreaming of getting back to! 

There’s nothing quite like sipping fine wine surrounded by picturesque landscapes in the birth place of the Italian Renaissance, but you certainly don’t need Italian blood to enjoy the serene sights of this historic region.

When you’re finished soaking in the serenity, it’s time to get some high octane action at the F1® testing grounds of Scuderia Ferrari and home of the Mugello MotoGP™. 

The MotoGP draws crowds from far and wide to watch the pros push their bikes to the limit racing the winding Tuscan GP circuit.

With breath taking coastlines, irresistible Italian cuisine, decadent wine and world class motorsport, Tuscany has something for anyone that wants to indulge in the finer or FASTER things in life!

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