23 Destinations to dream of...

For our 23rd birthday we're revisiting 23 destinations you can look forward to getting back to

Destination #6 | Paris, France


Did you know? France produced the most expensive bottle of wine in the world.

Ah, oui! There’s no way we couldn’t talk about Paris when we are counting down destinations to dream of getting back to.

Paris to many is known as the city of love, but there is more to the city than finding romance.

There are plenty of sights to see while you’re in the city from being in awe of the Eiffel Tower, getting lost in the art and design of The Louvre and being impressed by the architecture of Notre Dame Cathedral. 

Being well known for its cuisine, if there’s one place to indulge yourself in fine wine and dining, it’s France. 

Make sure you take this time to try Boulette D’Avesnes cheese, a classic ratatouille, decadent macarons and the perfect drink to cut through the rich dishes you’ve been tasting, a Trou Norman.

Once you’ve tasted the best of France, there are many sporting events that you can enjoy, a stand out for many being the ultimate bike race, The Tour of France.

Whether you’re after a cultural experience, the fine dining experience adored by most or you want to experience an iconic event, France has it all.

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