Sportsnet 23 Years written on a soccer jersey

Celebrating 23 years of Sportsnet® Holidays

and 23 destinations to dream of getting back to!

In the sporting world the number 23 is synonymous with greatness… Michael Jordan, Shane Warne, Michael Clarke, David Beckham, LeBron James, Don Mattingly, Buddy Franklin… and now Sportsnet®!

Let’s face it, being stuck in lockdown for a birthday isn’t great. What has been great is the 23 years of incredible experiences we’ve enjoyed, with hundreds of thousands of guests all-across the world, at the biggest events and some of the most desirable locations on the planet!

Our 23 years hasn’t always been sunshine and holidays. In that time 9-11, SARS, Swine Flu and the GFC have all rocked the travel industry. Although none of those moments have been anywhere near the magnitude of what we are all facing right now, we know this moment will too pass.

We’ve always known the price of a holiday.

This moment has taught us the value of a holiday.

So, in light of our 23rd Birthday, we’re counting down 23 of our favourite destination’s to dream of heading back to when we can travel freely again… We know you deserve a holiday and we’re hopeful it’s just around the corner!