Australia is a vast, diverse landscape, full of interesting people to meet and incredible places to visit. And the one common interest is sport. Famously punching well above their weight on the international sporting stage, Australians are passionate sports fans, with the beating heart of Australia's most famous cities and towns emanating from the many world-class stadiums, fields and arenas dotted around the country. 

Australia for the sporting fanatics

Whether you’re following your favourite sporting league around the country or looking for a good excuse to visit your favourite holiday destinations, you’ll never have to look hard to find a sporting event in Australia… there’s no off season Down Under!

Sportsnet Holidays offers travel packages to all corners of the country, from the hallowed turf of the MCG to the red dirt of Birdsville, to enjoy live sport, explore remarkable places and experience the uniquely diverse Australian culture.

Be sure to check back in to this page soon enough, as we’re still working on growing this list of Australia’s biggest & best sporting destinations… Australia is a big place!