France Sporting Events

From snow-capped alps to vineyard-littered valleys, sunny beaches and sophisticated cities; it really is no wonder France is the most visited, documented and desired destination on the planet. This diverse little slice of Europe has been capturing the hearts of poets, painters and passers-through for hundreds of years... are you ready to fall in love with France?

France for the uninitiated

Whether you're looking to explore natural beauty beyond belief, experience the cutting edge of modern culture or get lost among ancient relics of a truly unique and intriguing history, France has it all, and some.

The sights, sounds and flavours of France have permeated the planet and are so famous that you feel like you've already been there. But you are guaranteed to discover something new every time you visit.

From the postcard icons of Paris to the Mediterranean magic of the south, France is an assault on the senses that people devote their entire lives to pursuing. Not many other countries get a phrase for their admirers... but it's so easy to become a Francophile.

The French passion for luxury and indulgence hits somewhere close to the heart of all of us and is obvious to anyone who steps foot on French soil, weather you're walking the Champs Elysées, sipping Champagne in a Château or winding through the fertile countryside. They're even passionate about passion itself, with a language and culture somehow synonymous with romance.

I mean, what's not to love?!