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The Isle of Man Classic TT® marks the essence of what the Isle of Man festival of Motorcycling portrays. In comparison to its counterpart – the Isle of Man TT®, the Classic TT’s focus isn’t primarily the levels of speed, danger and lap-times you’re likely to witness at the TT®, but that’s not to say riders don’t reach dangerous and high speeds. The Classic TT® drives more of a focus celebrating heritage and history of the iconic Motorcycle Road Races. Motorcycle lovers will be in awe and greatly appreciate the wide-range of classic bikes used throughout the race and being displayed. The beauty of travelling to the Isle of Man Classic TT® is the opportunity to be surrounded so many like-minded individuals from around the globe with great enthusiasm and passion for incredible two-wheeled machines!

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*Dates for the Isle of Man Classic TT® are yet to be confirmed. 


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