2021 The Bend Motorsport Park Ultimate Ride Day Experience hosted by Davo Johnson

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Date 12 Dec, 2021

2021 The Bend Motorsport Park Ultimate Ride Day Experience hosted by Davo Johnson

Ride Day:

  • Ride day experience at The Bend Motorsport Park on Sunday 12th December, 2021 including: 
    • 6 x 15 to 20-minute allocated riding sessions using own bike – Bike and gear hire available
    • Explore your motorcycle’s full capabilities without the hazards and speed limits that exist on public roads with a ride day at The Bend Motorsport Park. Enjoy pushing the limits of your motorcycle on this 4.95km International Circuit in a safe and controlled setting where you will ride alongside others with similar skill and experience levels.

Garage Access:

  • Garage access at The Bend Motorsport Park with expert tips from our Sportsnet Motorsport Ambassador Davo Johnson  
    • Join Sportsnet Ambassador and local Aussie star, Davo Johnson at The Bend Motorsport Park. Davo has successfully raced at the Isle of Man TT, North West 200, is a previous winner at the Classic TT and he loves The Bend Motorsport Park! Davo will be your guest instructor in the designated Sportsnet Pit Lane garages throughout the day. He will be dedicated to you as one of the Sportsnet riders, helping guide you through how the day will work, offering advice about the track, your riding lines and the best ways to enjoy this awesome circuit. With Davo’s experience on hand, there is no better way to maximise your ride day and enjoy your bike!


  • Lunch at The Bend Motorsport Park kiosk with a $25 pre-paid voucher


  • Sportsnet Holidays Exclusive Dinner with Aussie Motorsport Star Davo Johnson on Sunday 12th December, 2021  
    • After an unforgettable day of riding one of Australia’s premier racing circuits, join your fellow Sportsnet riders and Sportsnet Ambassador Davo Johnson for a meal to de-brief the day! This is an exclusive opportunity to discuss the highlights of the day and to ask Davo any questions you may have from his career or to delve into his knowledge on all things motorsport. 


  • Professional digital photography package 
    • For a special keepsake from your ride day, a variety of photos from different locations on the circuit will be taken throughout the day and emailed directly to you
  • Sportsnet cap autographed by Davo Johnson
  • Sportsnet Holidays representative 
  • Booking and Ticketing handling fee

      Prices listed are PER PERSON and in Australian Dollars.
Hotel Twin Triple Single Quad
The Bend Motorsport Park Ultimate Ride Day Experience Package 849 - - -
Extra Night* - - - -
On Request Sold Out
* Extra Night price is for per person and per night. The rates quoted are outside peak event periods and should be used as a guide only. Additional surcharges may apply.
WIN - 12/12 - MSRD71SG
The Bend Motorsport Park - Gear Hire $105 AUD per person
If you do not have full leathers or are interested in trying out the latest in motorcycle riding gear, Champion's Ride Days has everything you need to ensure you have the best day possible.

- Berik leathers, boots and gloves
- Shark helmet
The Bend Motorsport Park - Bike Hire - Kawasaki Ninja 400 $425 AUD per person
Want to ride The Bend on a truly inspiring motorcycle? Hire a Kawasaki and take to the track with powered pits plus any servicing you require throughout the day. Just turn up with your gear and you will have the ultimate bike experience on the day!

- Unlimited fuel
- Dunlop track tyres
The Bend Motorsport Park - Bike Hire - Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R $625 AUD per person
Offering an insane blend of high power and manageability, plus smooth acceleration for getting back on the throttle, the Ninja ZX-10R delivers a stronger low-mid range for quick acceleration out of corners and is a powerhouse on the track. Ninja ZX-10R's new styling is distinct, but easily recognisable, looking closer in appearance to Kawasaki's factory superbike machine, and perfect for your ride day experience! Your Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R will be ready for you in your allocated pit area with the Champion's Crew around all day to support you on the track.

- Unlimited fuel
- Dunlop track tyres
Prices listed are PER PERSON and in Australian Dollars. Upgrades subject to availability at the time of booking.


Q. Can I buy tickets without accommodation?
A. Yes. The package can be purchased without accommodation.

Q. Can I buy the package without tickets?
A. No.


Q. Can I request a hotel not listed under the “Prices” tab?
A. No.

Q. Can I upgrade my room type?
A. No.

Q. What is the minimum night stay?
A. There is a 1 night minimum stay the Rydges Pit Lane Hotel.

Flights & Transfers

Q. Are flights and pre-paid taxes included in the package?
A. No, flights and pre-paid airfare taxes are not included in this package. Please speak to your expert consultant to organise flights for you.

Q. Are transfers included from the airport to my hotel? If so, what type?
A. No, airport transfers are not included in the package. However, if you have purchased flights with Sportsnet Holidays please speak with your expert consultant who can arrange these for you.

Q. Are transfers included from my hotel to the event? If so, what type?
A. No, transfers are not included to the Bend Motorsport Park.

Ride Day Experience – Motorcycles and Gear requirements

Q. I do not have a motorcycle, can I still participate?
A. Yes. Please speak with your Sportsnet Holidays consultant who can arrange bike hire through the circuit for you.

Q. Can I get tyres fitted at the track? Can I buy tyres at the track?
A. Yes. Champion’s Ride Days has a complete Dunlop Tyre Facility at every ride day offering you advice on pressures, new tyrestyre wear and a full fitting service.

Q. Can I get fuel at the track?
A. Yes. Fuel is available nearby at the On The Run Service Station on the grounds of the complex. It is recommended you fuel up just prior to arriving at the circuit so you can begin the day on a full tank.  

Q. How much fuel will I need?
A. You should arrive with a full tank and bring a spare can of extra fuel just to be on the safe side. Otherwise you will have time to refuel at the nearby service station during the day if necessary. 

Q. What are the minimum gear requirements?
A. Leathers are mandatory for your safety. One or two-piece leathers (that zip together right around) are required. Full length motorcycle boots and leather gloves plus helmets with Aus Standards, ECE, Snell or DOT stickers required. No desert boots, sneakers, motocross or short gloves, open faced helmets, draggin jeans or Kevlar gear allowed.

Q. Can I hire riding gear?
A. Yes. Please speak with your Sportsnet Holidays consultant who can arrange gear hire for you.

Ride Day Experience – License requirements

Q. Do I need a motorcycle license to participate?
A. Champion’s Ride Days operate under an MA Permit. If you do not have an MA License, a one-day Recreational License can be purchased for $40 payable direct. This will be done during the registration process on the morning of your Ride Day. On the racetrack you can ride under a suspended road license, or on L or P plates. The only time this differs is if you are hiring a motorcycle from Champion’s Ride Days, then you will be required to have an Open license for the hire.

Ride Day Experience – Weather 

Q. Does the event proceed if it rains?
A. Yes, Champion’s Ride Days will take place in most weather conditions including rain, wind and sun. In very rare cases, if track officials deem the track dangerous due to flooding and/or debris on the circuit, or extreme heat/fire risk, the ride day may be cancelled.

Q. I am riding on slicks, what happens if it rains?
A. Track regulations will instruct whether slick tyres can be used in damp conditions. Champion’s Ride Days has tyre changing facilities at the track, as well as a full range of treaded and slick tyres to choose from. 

Ride Day Experience – What happens on the day? 

Q. What time do I have to be at the track?
A. Gates open from 7am with sign on and scrutineering opening from 7.30am. You will be required to attend the compulsory safety briefing from 8.40am. 

Q. How do I know which group to book into?
A. You should choose your riding group according to your level of riding and/or track experience. Under no circumstances should you select a riding group simply because it is the only group available. A breakdown of each group can be found below –  

  • Starter Group (Red)
    • The Red Group is for riders that are new to ride days or new to a particular racetrack. The Red Group aims to offer confidence so that no-one feels intimidated or threatened, in such a new environment.
    • Red Group Rules: Only overtaking a rider on the outside in corners, will be permitted. No undertaking in corners or coming up the inside of a rider when they are committed to a turn. This assists new riders to focus on their riding and their lines, and not be concerned about those behind them. 
  • Intermediate Group (Green) 
    • The Green Group is for the road rider with some ride day experience who is now familiar with how ride days’ work and have some more pace on the track now. 
    • Green Group Rules: Only overtaking a rider on the outside in corners, will be permitted. No undertaking in corners or coming up the inside of a rider when they are committed to a turn. This assists new riders to focus on their riding and their lines, and not be concerned about those behind them 
  • Intermediate-Fast Group (Blue) 
    • The Blue Group is for the experienced rider with pace on a ride day, who would prefer no overtaking rules. Faster than the green group, it offers the opportunity to overtake on the inside of corners, with caution and respect. 
  • Fast Group (Yellow) 
    • The Yellow Group is for the very experienced rider with pace and consistency. It is the fastest group, offering speed and enjoyment whilst maintaining safety and respect. It is a ride day, not a race practice day. 

Q. If I find I am too fast or slow for the group I have booked into, can I change on the day?
A. Champion’s Ride Days would like everyone to have a great ride day experience. They offer flexibility within the groups, so riders can move between the groups throughout the day. Please note – it is important that Champion’s Ride Days grade the sessions to ensure the safety and fun for all riders. The pace and ability of everyone on track will be assessed throughout the day, and changes made to keep the speed and experience similar. 

Q. Can I film my riding laps?
A. If riding with a GoPro it must be attached to the bike with a secondary tether, so it does not leave your bike if the bracket breaks. Cameras cannot be fitted to riders or helmets. 

Q. Is there medical support at the track if required?
A. Champion’s Ride Days have professional and reliable medical support available at all tracks. With constant radio contact with the Flag Marshals, they are immediately responsive to any necessary incident.