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Date 19 Feb, 2023

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Arguably the world’s greatest sporting exhibition!

The NBA All-Star Weekend is all about the Superstars on court at once, slam dunks, skills and 3-point shots! For any NBA or sporting fan this is a bucket list event. The opportunity to see the world’s most impressive athletes all competing against each other is unique and spectacle that will only increase your appreciation for these incredible athletes.
There’s never a dull moment at the NBA All-Star weekend!

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The NBA regular season pauses at it’s halfway point, as the crème de la crème of the NBA go head-to-head at the NBA All-Star Weekend! Aside from Sunday’s All-Star game itself, the NBA All-Star Weekend 2021 weekend is filled with incredible entertainment, including: 


  • The NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, a “friendly” game which features former NBA and WNBA players as well as some of the world’s biggest celebrities including actors, musicians and sports stars from outside the NBA.
  • The Rising Stars Challenge, a game in which the league’s most promising young players (first and second year players only) play against each other in a USA vs the rest of the world format.


  • The Slam Dunk Contest, this competition showcases the creativity and athletic ability of some of the league’s youngest and best dunkers. The specific rules of the contest are decided each year, but the competition is always judged subjectively. After each dunk, or attempted dunk, competitors are awarded a mark out of 10 from five judges, giving a possible high score of 50. The usual rules of ‘traveling’ and double dribbling do not apply.
  • The 3 Point Challenge, which sees the NBA’s best and smoothest three point shooters take five shots from five different points (for a total of 25 shots) around the three point arc. The twist? Players only have one minute to take all their shots and the last shot from each point is worth double points!
  • The Skills Challenge, which sees players having to shoot, pass, jump and dribble their way through an obstacle course in the fastest time possible!


  • Last but certainly not least, the main event of the weekend, the NBA All-Star Game – possibly the greatest spectacle in the world sport in terms of seeing the most elite of the world’s greatest athletes competing against each other! The All-Star Game has absolutely no shortage of entertainment and with a new game system of refreshing the scores at the start of each quarter and in the final quarter combining scores to reach a final target, the competitive edge has increased even more! Superstars such as Lebron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo Stephen Curry, James Harden, Kevin Durant Australia’s Ben Simmons, just to name a few take the court with a license to display their freakish skills and admirable athleticism, combining for an array of slam-dunks, silky smooth 3-point shooting, incredible assists and ball-handling skills. Competitive spirit is certainly embedded on the court, as a win for their representative teams is on the line, and of course, the individual honour of being crowned the All-Star Game MVP!

*Schedule based on previous years schedules and may be subject to change

Date Event(s)
Friday 12th February The NBA All-Star Celebrity Game

The Rising Stars Challenge

Saturday 13th February The Slam Dunk Contest

The 3-Point Challenge

The Skills Challenge

Sunday 14 February NBA All-Star Game