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Set over the course of 23 days, 21 stages and covering close to 3,500km, Le Tour de France is the most iconic and gruelling multiple stage cycling races in the world! Primarily held in France, the renowned race consists of nearly 200 riders from 22 teams competing for the coveted Yellow Jersey over a three week period, covering approximately in total. The race stages change slightly every year, and alternates between clockwise and counterclockwise routes of France. Although the official stages have yet to be announced, you can guarantee the route will involve several gorgeous mountain stages and other European countries. The tour draws in millions of people, mostly looking to tick the Tour de France off their bucket list, and be roadside to witness the best cyclists compete in the race which is unlike no other. If you’re ever fortunate enough to experience this event, you’ll soon realise it’s a race that can only be fully appreciated live and in person!

If you’d love to join us in France (among other countries at times!) in 2020 to see one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious sporting events, Le Tour de France, please take a moment to Pre-Register your interest by completing the Enquiry Form at the bottom of this page. Once our official Tour de France 2020 Travel Packages and Tours are released one of our friendly travel consultants will get in touch with you shortly to discuss putting together a package to suit your travel requirements.

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2020 Tour De France - Travel Packages & Tours


Tour de France 2020 – Event Details

Official event name: Le Tour de France 2020
Event start date: To Be Announced
Event end date: To Be Announced
Event official website:
Event category: Cycling
Performers: To Be Announced
Event location: France
Event address: France

Le Tour De France 2020 travel packages & deals will likely include:

  • Quality accommodation throughout the trip.
  • Official grandstand tickets.
  • Exclusive sightseeing tours.
  • Behind the scene experiences.
  • Plus much more!


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