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Date 01 Jul, 2019 14 Jul, 2019

The Championships, Wimbledon 2019 packages include:

  • 1 night accommodation at a selection of London Hotels – view prices.
    • Breakfast daily.
  • Reserved seating for 1 match day with your choice of one of the following courts – view prices.
    • No.1 Court.
    • Centre Court.
  • Admittance to The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum 
    • Experience the history and traditions of The Championships at Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum. Get up close to the famous trophies, feel the fabrics of tennis fashions from the Victorian period, test your skills on the Batak wall and learn about how The Championships has developed since 1877. 
  • London Oyster Card.
  • Booking and Ticket Handling Fee.

Q. Where is the event being held?
A. The All England Lawn Tennis Club
Church Road
London SW19 5AE
United Kingdom
Q. Is Sportsnet Corporation an Official and/or Appointed operator?
A. Yes, Sportsnet Holidays is a licensed Travel Agent selling Official packages.

Q. Can I buy tickets without accommodation?
A. No, tickets must be bought in conjunction with accommodation.
Q. Can I buy the package without tickets?
A. No, the package must be bought in conjunction with tickets.
Q. Are there children’s tickets available?
A. Concession tickets are not available for this event.
Q. Can I request where I sit?
A. Yes, however this is subject to availability.
Q. Are there different standards of tickets?
A. There are no other standard of tickets available than what is advertised on our website.
Q. Do grandstand tickets include reserved seating?
A. Yes, all packages include reserved seating.
Q. Is there disabled access to the event?
A. Yes, however it is subject to availability.

Q. Can I request a hotel not listed under the “Prices” tab?
A. No, only hotels advertised on the website can be purchased.
Q. Can I upgrade my room type?
A. No, we only have access to the room types listed on our website.
Q. What is the minimum night stay?
A. There is a 1 minimum night stay depending on your choice of package.

Flights & Transfers
Q. Are flights and pre-paid taxes included in the package?
A. No, flights and pre-paid airfare taxes are not included in this package. Please speak to your expert consultant to organise flights for you. Alternatively you can book flights on our website www.sportsnetholidays.com
Q. Are transfers included from the airport to my hotel? If so, what type?
A. No, transfers are not included in the package. However if you have purchased flights with Sportsnet Holidays please speak with your expert consultant who can arrange these for you.
Q. Are transfers included from my hotel to the event? If so, what type?
A. No, however all hotels are within easy reach of Wimbledon with your Oyster Card that is included in your package.

Q. What is the weather generally like at the time of the event?
A. Summer in the UK is cool compared to the Australian summer. Warmer clothes are still recommended as well as wet weather gear.
Q. What currency do I use?
To find out the latest currency conversion rate please visit – http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/

Q. When can I expect to receive my tickets?
A. All documentation, including your event tickets, will be sent via courier to your nominated Australian address approximately 1 week prior to the event. Please note no signature is required and the courier will leave your documents in a safe place should you not be home. You will receive an email or call to confirm your address prior to delivery and to advise you of the estimated delivery date.

Q. Why should I book through Sportsnet Holidays?
A. All it takes is a phone call and we’ll look after your booking from start to finish providing you with piece of mind, convenience and a seamless experience.
Q. Can I extend my trip?
A. Absolutely you can! Please speak to one of our expert consultants to help you plan your trip.
Q. What is the best way to book?
A. Freecall 1300 888 858 or email [email protected]
Q. How do I pay for my package?
A. You can pay by credit card, Direct Deposit, cheque or money order.
Q. Do I need to take specific medical precautions?
A. Please check the following website for any specific medical precautions or speak to your GP: www.tmvc.com.au
Q. Do I require travel insurance?
A. Travel insurance is not compulsory however Sportsnet Holidays highly recommends your purchase travel insurance for both domestic and international events. Please speak to your consultant who can assist in finding the right policy for you.
Q. Do I require a valid passport and visa?
A. For the latest passport and visa requirements please visit www.smartraveller.gov.au or www.visasdirect.com.au

Hotel Novotel London West
(Twin, 4 stars)
Hotel Novotel London West
(Single, 4 stars)
The Kensington Hotel
(Twin, 4 stars)
The Kensington Hotel
(Single, 4 stars)
Park Lane Marriott
(Twin, 5 stars)
Park Lane Marriott
(Single, 5 stars)
1 July Court 1 $2,486 $2,656 $2,625 $3,032 $3,123 $3,689
Centre Court $4,277 $4,447 $4,397 $4,803 $4,914 $5,480
2 July Court 1 $2,486 $2,656 $2,625 $3,032 $3,123 $3,689
Centre Court $3,660 $3,830 $3,780 $4,186 $4,297 $4,863
3 July Court 1 $2,546 $2,716 $2,705 $3,111 $3,202 $3,768
Centre Court $4,277 $4,447 $4,397 $4,803 $4,915 $5,480
4 July Court 1 $2,546 $2,716 $2,705 $3,111 $3,202 $3,768
Centre Court $4,416 $4,587 $4,556 $4,962 $5,053 $5,619
5 July Court 1 $2,645 $2,815 $2,764 $3,171 $3,262 $3,828
Centre Court $4,815 $4,985 $4,954 $5,361 $5,451 $6,017
6 July Court 1 $2,725 $2,895 $2,844 $3,251 $3,362 $3,927
Centre Court $4,815 $4,985 $4,934 $5,341 $5,451 $6,017
8 July Court 1 $3,103 $3,273 $3,242 $3,649 $3,740 $4,306
Centre Court $5,969 $6,139 $6,108 $6,515 $6,606 $7,172
9 July Court 1 $1,789 $1,959 $1,909 $2,315 $2,426 $2,992
Centre Court $2,725 $2,895 $2,844 $3,251 $3,362 $3,927
10 July Court 1 $3,481 $3,651 $3,620 $4,027 $4,138 $4,704
Centre Court $8,139 $8,309 $8,278 $8,685 $8,795 $9,361
11 July Court 1 $1,235 $1,402 $1,391 $1,798 $1,889 $2,455
Centre Court $3,023 $3,193 $3,143 $3,549 $3,680 $4,246
12 July Centre Court $10,726 $10,896 $10,845 $11,252 $11,343 $11,909
13 July Centre Court $4,098 $4,268 $4,257 $4,664 $4,755 $5,321
14 July Centre Court $11,244 $11,414 $11,383 $11,790 $11,900 $12,466

*Packages and price subject to final confirmation and availability at the time of booking.

Hotel & Room Type Star Rating Twin/Double Single
Hotel Novotel London
Executive Room
4 $171 $342
The Kensington Hotel
Standard Room
4 $407 $814
Park Lane Marriott
Standard Room (Twin)
Standard Room (Double)
5 $566 $1,132
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