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Date 09 Jul, 2021 11 Jul, 2021

2021 NTI Townsville Travel Packages Coming Soon  – Register Here!

The North Queensland temperature will certainly rise with the arrival of the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship for the 2021 NTI Townsville. 

Over 3 massive days, Townsville will burst into life with thunderous roars of crowds and V8 engines! With critical Championship points at stake, the NTI Townsville will be poised to deliver a weekend of racing that is intense and exciting – with drivers leaving nothing in tank amongst the Townsville Street Circuit! Amidst the thrilling Supercars action, there is plenty happening off the circuit for everyone to enjoy. With previous Townsville races featuring sensational off-track entertainment such as Stadium Super Trucks, the Dunlop Series, V8 Utes Series, Sports GTs and incredible live music! Its goes without saying the Townsville 400 has something for everyone!

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