Home gym equipment for under $60!

Being stuck at home can make you feel restless and physically unproductive.

With gyms now being closed due to social distancing & quarantine regulations, this doesn’t mean your exercise is limited!

In fact, you can easily manufacture your own home gym, and the good news it doesn’t require a ton of money, space or effort!

All you need is a select amount of equipment to reach your physical goals.

Here are our simple & affordable suggestions for your home gym:

1. Punching Bag

The beauty of the punching bag is a perfect mix of fun and a solid physical workout.

Within minutes you’ll be boxing from home, as only a simple set up is required!

What’s more, the punching bag only requires minimal space to be used effectively and you’re guaranteed great bang for your buck with it’s excellent durability!

What are the physical benefits?

Utilising a punching bag will ensure you’re exercising multiple areas of your body, being the upper, lower and core.

Not only are multiple areas exercised, it’s a great aerobic exercise, increasing your endurance, improving coordination and strengthening bones and ligaments.

Need to let off some steam? Mentally it’s also a great release, relieving stress and anxiety.

While you’re at it, your self-defence skills will be improving!

You might also want to consider boxing gloves to improve your impact and cushion the blow!

Own a punching bag for under $60

Gym Equipment under $60

2. Skipping Rope

The skipping rope is so simple, yet so effective!

While it’s affordability is it’s appeal, it’s low maintenance and durability are an added bonus!

All you really need is yourself, a small amount of space, flat surface and it’s also easily stored, portable and only requires very little TLC.

What are the physical benefits?

Skipping works multiple areas of the body from upper to lower, it also ensures a fantastic cardio exercise!

While the calories will be burning, your coordination and bone density will be improving!

Own a skipping rope for under $15

Gym equipment under $60

3. Ab Roller

To effectively use the ab roller all you need is yourself and a small amount of space.

The beauty of the ab roller lies within it’s practically, durability and how simple & physically effective it is!

Setting up an ab roller is also quick and easy, ensuring you’ll be on the path to having rock-hard abs in no time!

What are the physical benefits?

Don’t be deceived by its simple exterior!

The ab roller will give you an almighty workout, focussing on increasing your core strength specifically.

If your goal is to re-enter the iso-free world with rock hard abs, the ab roller is your answer!

Own an ab roller for under $25

4. Kettlebells

This is another case of me, myself and I, because that’s all you need for an effective home workout using kettlebells!

The value of the kettlebell is immense, they will basically last you a lifetime and literally no set up is required.

If you need a change of scenery, you can take them anywhere and still enjoy simple, effective and versatile workouts!

What are the physical benefits?

Kettlebells are underrated in the the gym.

Similar to dumbbells, they can engage multiple muscle groups of your body, they’re also great for building a base of strength and mobility.

Kettlebell exercises combine aerobic and strength training perfectly, your heart will be pumping, fat will be burning and your muscles will be toning!

Own a kettlebell for under $20

Gym Equipment Under $60

5. Doorway Pull-Up Bar

Remember the phrase ‘you got a door you got a gym’?

The doorway pull-up bar is proof that phrase is true!

The only set up required is an easy adjustment on each end of the bar to fit your doorway, and your gym is ready!

Not only is the set up super easy, it is easily stored, extremely durable and adjustable for any home with different-size doorways!

What are the physical benefits?

Pull-ups are an extremely effective exercise to strengthen your upper body muscles.

While the exercise looks simple to the eye, the workout is intense, progress in repetitions will be made and form and technique will continue to improve, making you feel overall, much stronger through your core, back and arms!

Own a doorway pull-up bar for under $40

6. Exercise Ball

The exercise ball is known for it’s versatility, having multiple uses for exercising and can be utilised as home furniture!

The only maintenance required is insuring there enough is air inflation.

The exercise ball is ideal for stretching and improving flexibility throughout your muscles, but you can use your exercise ball as a seat for working or winding down watching a movie, it’ll do wonders for your posture!

What are the physical benefits?

The exercise ball can strengthen your core through a variety of workouts, which will also improve balance and stability through your legs.

Through stretching and recovery, the exercise ball will increase your flexibility and help with back pain.

Own an exercise ball for under $30

Gym Equipment Under $60

7. Yoga Mat

The yoga mat is fast becoming a necessity at home, as yoga has become a popular form of exercise – in particular through social distancing and isolation!

The yoga mat can be set up anywhere inside or outside your home, requiring just a body length of space.

Once you’ve completed your workout, all you need to do is roll it up and store. It can also be used as a mat for pilates, general fitness and stretching.

What are the physical benefits?

Performing yoga you’ll be improving flexibility, building muscle tone, enhancing blood circulation and entering states of relaxation.

Not only are there physical benefits, you’ll also mentally will benefit through decreasing stress, anxiety and depression.

Own a yoga mat for $20

Gym Equipment Under $60

8. Foam Roller

The foam roller is a simple case of buy and use.

No set up is required whatsoever, all you need is a small amount of floor space and you’re ready to smoothen out the knots in your muscles!

The foam roller’s portability and durability are other great assets, only adding to the value of your latest home gym purchase!

What are the physical benefits?

The foam roller will smoothen out and release the trigger points you can’t quite get to with regular stretching. With trigger points being released, you will find the alignment of your posture improving, an increase in flexibility and most importantly improving injury prevention, ensuring optimal recovery for your next workout!

Own a foam roller for under $30

Gym Equipment Under $60

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