Get a total work-out from home

Wondering how you can get a complete work-out from home?

Sharing space (and sweat) maybe a thing of the past, but you don’t need to let isolation affect your work-out.

Shift the coffee table, move the car out of the garage or clear out the spare room and bring the gym to you!

Here’s what you need for the perfect home gym.

1. Adjustable Bench Press

What’s a gym without an adjustable bench press. Not only is the bench press versatile, it’s also durable. It’s quality and durability is an investment that can ensure you save long-term in gym subscription payments.

What are the physical benefits?

The adjustable bench press will enable you to work multiple muscles of your body through various free-weight workouts. Areas you’ll be strengthening are your shoulders, triceps, biceps, pectorals, abdominals and even your legs with a leg extension at the end of the bench press! Your whole gym routine can be complete with the adjustable bench press!

Enjoy full body workouts with an adjustable bench press!

2. Rowing Machine

The ultimate toning machine!

What makes the rowing machine the perfect addition for home is you don’t need a large amount of space and it’s so simple to use for a super efficient solo work out!

Rowing machines have come a long way from the gyms of old, with many and most monitoring your performance digitally providing instant feedback on your work, giving you the extra drive to reach new physical heights.

20 minutes of high intensity rowing is a full body cardio work-out.

Lower the intensity, increase the load and build your muscle mass.

What are the physical benefits?

The rowing machine delivers the perfect mix between endurance with strength.

Rowing workouts target 85% of your body with each stroke worked, building strength while also combining an intense cardio-vascular exercise, resulting in great lean muscle increase.

With rowing, your workout is high intensity with a low impact to your body – meaning you’re less prone to injury, while producing a strong physical output.

You will also improve your posture and help prevent future back injury.

Build lean muscle and improve your fitness with a rowing machine!

3. Exercise Bike

Like the idea of enjoying a sports doco while improving leg strength and endurance?

The exercise bike delivers the best of both worlds from home, as you can station your next solo workout in the comfort of your own lounge room!

The exercise bike is a gym essential, it doesn’t only produce high intensity, calorie burning workouts, but also a great way to warm down or maintain fitness through injury.

What are the physical benefits?

The exercise bike boosts your cardio fitness and is a great way to get your heart pumping!

On the exercise bike you’ll be burning calories and can help with weight loss, while also building strength through your legs and lower body muscles.

More time on the exercise bike will also benefit your heart and lungs, improving your body’s ability to utilise oxygen, it also improves energy levels up 20% and decreases fatigue by 65%!

Exercise in the comfort of your lounge room with an exercise bike!

4. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are a must for your home gym, thanks to their simplicity, no set up is needed and they require minimal maintenance and space!

While dumbbells are simple to use, you can perform complex workouts with their versatility, allowing you to perform almost any type of exercise incorporating a mix of strength and cardio!

What are the physical benefits?

Your choice of dumbbell weight will dictate your body improvements through exercise.

If you’re looking to build muscle you will be lifting heavier weights with lower repetitions and you can target multiple muscle areas.

You can also improve your cardiovascular fitness whilst increasing lean muscle, this is performed by using lighter weights while increasing your heart rate in your chosen workout, this will also burn calories and can lead to weight loss!

Tone/build your muscles with a variety of dumbbell workouts!

5. Treadmill

Clock up the kilometres from any room in your home!

Like the exercise bike, you can set up in front of a screen and get stuck into your favourite TV show or a movie whilst running, you can also have an intense walking workout and indulge in a great sports book!

Your workouts can be diverse as you have the choice of sprinting/jogging/walking speeds over any distance.

If you want to feel more burn, you can also increase the treadmill’s incline!

What are the physical benefits?

Walking or running on a treadmill is a great source of exercise that puts less stress on your body than walking or running on an outdoor flat surface.

Regular use of the treadmill will benefit your heart strength, contribute to weight loss, strengthen your leg muscles and will certainly increase your aerobic capacity!

Run from home with a treadmill!

6. Leg Press

The leg press doesn’t require extended amounts of time to be used effectively, therefore making it a great edition from home.

We say this because at home we tend to have spare moments.

In these moments you could be working out for 10-15 minutes on the leg press and achieving great progress!

What are the physical benefits?

Using the leg press will strengthen areas of your lower body such as the glutes (buttocks), hamstrings, quadriceps & calfs.

There are various ways you can utilise the leg press, for example if you’re looking to build muscle mass you can increase the weight and exercise lower repetitions, you can also build endurance and tone your muscles through lower weight and higher repetitions.

The more you continue to use the leg press, you will find improvements in your running speed, vertical leap and balance!

Shape and strengthen your legs with a leg press!

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