Who is John Cain of John Cain Arena?

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In 2021 Melbourne Park’s Melbourne Arena will officially be named John Cain Arena.

Amidst of all the underlying questions in the lead up to the 2021 Australian Open, there’s a question that many avid Australian Open goers and tennis fans are asking… Who is John Cain of John Cain Arena?

Many tennis fans and Australian Open goers have seen their beloved Ground Pass Entry Arena change naming rights over the years, still commonly being referred to as Hisense Arena, most recently Melbourne Arena or dating back even further to Vodafone Arena

Out of the three big arenas at Melbourne Park; Rod Laver Arena, Margaret Court Arena, the third but arguably the most loved (by Nick Kyrgios anyway) seems to endure all the name changes. 

Let’s face it Rod Laver and Margaret Court are Australian tennis immortals (even with Margaret Court’s recent controversies) these arena’s names aren’t changing any time soon!

Who is John Cain of John Cain Arena?

Speaking of changes, ‘the people’s court’ is not only changing names in 2021. 

As opposed to previous editions of the Australian Open, ‘the people’s court’ will be taking the RLA and MCA approach of allocated seating, rather than line up – first in, best dressed. 

Don’t worry this most likely won’t be a permanent approach, just health and safety practice of COVID-19 measurements. 

One thing that hasn’t changed with John Cain Arena is the access of the Sportsnet® Super Suite. 

Sportsnet® Super Suite sessions may be limited to just one per day during the first week at the 2021 Australian Open but the offerings remain excellent, optimising your Australian Open experience with the best views amongst air-conditioned seating in the arena along with fantastic hospitality to compliment your spectating experience.


Let’s dive a little deeper into the world of John Cain and his relevance with the tennis world and Melbourne, because we know many of you are still probably wondering – what are John Cain’s ties with the Australian Open?!

John Cain is a born and bred Victorian, born in 1931 he sadly passed away December 2019. 

John Cain’s influence on Victoria was prolific, he was Victoria’s 41st Premier and was in Victoria’s Premier Seat for 8 years, making a number of progressive and positive changes to Victorian laws. Still wondering why Melbourne Arena is now called John Cain Arena? It’ll all make sense shortly!

During John Cain’s tenure as Victoria’s Premier, John carried out various reforms to the Victorian Government in areas of education, environment, allowed nudist beaches, extended Saturday shop trading hours and nightclub hours, allowed Sunday VFL football and even forced male exclusive sporting clubs such as the Melbourne Cricket Club & Victorian Racing Club to accept women as full members. 

There’s no doubt John Cain’s popularity was widespread in various communities.

So, this brings us to John Cain’s ties in the renaming of Melbourne Arena to John Cain Arena for the 2021 Australian Open. 

John Cain can take substantial responsibility for ensuring the Australian Open remains to be played in Melbourne today. 

The Australian Open was threatening to be relocated before John Cain conceptualised the idea and brought to fruition the building of the National Tennis Centre in Melbourne Park, replacing the aging Kooyong Stadium, with construction being completed in 1987.

The Australian Open is now arguably Australia’s biggest sporting event of the year and certainly assists Melbourne in being one of the world’s Sporting Capitals. 

Imagine if we didn’t have John Cain’s initiative to construct the National Tennis Centre at Melbourne Park? Could you really see the Australian Open to be played elsewhere? 

Melbourne has John Cain to thank for the Australian Open remaining in this great sporting city. 

It makes complete sense that Melbourne Park’s ‘people’s court’ is named after the late John Cain – a man of the people.


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