Meet the Team



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Rob Cecconi

Executive Chairman & Founder

Rob founded Sportsnet in 1998 based on an idea that came from a conversation at a BBQ!. He has a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and a career spanning over three decades in the travel and hospitality industries. Rob splits his time between Melbourne and Fiji, where he owns Tropica Island Resort.
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Daniel Cecconi

Chief Operating Officer

Daniel has served in specialist operations, sales, procurement and management roles in both the retail and wholesale segments of the travel industry for over 20 years. A sports-nut and avid traveller, Daniel has experienced over 50 countries around the globe. (Unfortunately!) Dan is a die-hard Carlton Football Club supporter, however thankfully he also gets to taste some success with his soccer/football club, S.S.C. Napoli!
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Ian Philpott

Chief Financial Officer

Ian worked for a number of years in private practice specialising in taxation, superannuation and finance before assuming the role of CFO at Sportsnet in 2007. Ian holds a Bachelor of Business with both an Accounting and Economics major. Ian is a quietly enthusiastic supporter of the Richmond Football Club – which is rare for Richmond supporters!
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Peter Lamont

Chief Information Officer

Peter has over 40 years experience in advertising and marketing, including 15 years building internet-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) businesses. Peter is responsible for all aspects of IT and communications with a charter to create a robust, scalable technology infrastructure that allows aggressive growth in Sportsnet’s core markets. Pete doesn’t follow much in the way of sport, but that doesn’t stop him from coaching his son’s under-12 soccer team!



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Brooke Hallam

Sales Manager

Brooke joined the Sportsnet Team in 2009 and has more than 15 years experience in the Travel Industry. Along with leading the Sales Team, Brooke has lead over 25 tours and hosted clients in over 10 different countries since working at Sportsnet. Brooke is a long-suffering Melbourne Demons fan, but after making the Preliminary Finals in 2018, she’s hoping 2019 will finally be the year of the red and the blue!
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Brodie Ellison

Sales Executive

Brodie has worked in the Travel Industry since graduating from Monash University in 2008. Brodie is an avid sportsman and participates in Club Golf and Cricket. He is a fan of  motorsport  and counts seeing Manchester United at Old Trafford and making 4 on the 18th at St Andrews as his favourite sporting holiday moments.
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Craig Mutimer

Sales Executive

Craig is like a piece of much-loved furniture in the Sportsnet offices, having been with the company for more than 10 years! ‘Craigo’ loves nothing more than chatting about sport and travel, hence why he’s been such an outstanding member of the Sales Team for so long. Like Brooke, Craig is a Melbourne Demons supporter and hopes that 2019 will be the first year that he can celebrate a premiership. In lieu of a Demons flag, Craig’s favourite sporting experience was seeing Arsenal smash Liverpool at Highbury in 1991.
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Glynn Gray

Sales Executive

Having worked in various Sales roles for over 10 years, Glynn joined the Sportsnet team in 2014, following his dream of wanting to work in either the sports or travel industries – both was a bonus! Glynn has a true passion for everything sports and travel related, and loves nothing more than staying up late to watch Manchester United. During the Winter weekends you’ll find Glynn hitting the slopes on his snowboard, and during the Summer he won’t be far away from the beaches near his home in Torquay.
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Ian Hill

Sales Executive

Ian (or affectionately known as ‘Junior’ in the office) has worked for over 9 years in the Sales Team and given his love for talking about just about any sport, it’s a good thing he’s on the phone all day! Ian is a huge fan of the Richmond Tigers and pretty much every sporting team in Toronto, Canada (where he spent some time living). Getting to experience the Super Bowl on a work trip and being there live at the MCG to see his ‘Tigs’ win a long overdue premiership in 2017 are his two favourite sporting memories.
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Megan Lloyd-Griffiths

Corporate Sales Executive

Megan has 17 years of experience in the Travel Industry working in both Melbourne & London. She has been with the Sportsnet family since 2012 and specialises in Corporate, Prizes, Promotions and Bespoke Group travel. Megan has travelled extensively to various sporting events, however her live sporting highlights include watching Mark Webber winning the  Monaco Grand Prix, in 2010 & 2012; the Western Bulldogs winning the AFL Grand Final in 2016 and Chelsea FC win the UEFA Champions League Final in 2012, Munich.
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Rebecca Bertuna

Product Manager

Joining the Sportsnet team in 2015, Bec holds a Bachelor of Business (majoring in Sports Management) and comes from a retail travel background – making her perfectly qualified and experienced to head Sportsnet’s dynamic Product Team. When she’s not contracting properties and tickets at highly competitive rates, Bec enjoys working on her fitness, but also eating foods that aren’t conducive to her fitness! Bec is also yet another Richmond Football Club supporter in the Sportsnet office!
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Ornella Abbasciano

Contracts Manager

Ornella has more than 10 years experience in the travel industry in Australia and the United Kingdom. Ornella has a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Tourism Management. Passionate about sports and travel, Ornella is a motorsport and football (soccer) fanatic.
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Brianna Turner

Product Executive

Bri started with the Sportsnet Team in 2016 shortly after her move from Perth to Melbourne. Bri has over 6 years’ experience in the Travel Industry and completed several Diplomas in Tourism & Events in 2017. Bri’s favourite aspect of her job are the opportunities to travel to events and meet clients. Her favourite sport is  AFL in which she supports the West Coast Eagles – unfortunately though, she didn’t have many people to celebrate the Eagles’ 2018 premiership with in Melbourne!
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Jodi Prigg

Product Executive

Jodi joined the Sportsnet team in 2017 and has over 10 years experience in the travel industry both domestically and internationally. Jodi has a passion for all things sports and travel and is Sportsnet’s resident tipping organiser! As an ICCA accredited cruise specialist, she doesn’t mind sailing the seven seas between sporting events or a live gig. In terms of her favourite sporting memory, it’s hard for Jodi to go past an Aussie century at a Boxing Day Test (hopefully we’ll see another one of those sooner rather than later!).
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Verity Mackenzie

Product Executive

Verity has over 6 years’ experience in the travel industry and working at Sportsnet has allowed her to combine two of her favourite things – sport and travel! Verity not only loves her AFL and Cricket, but also the NFL. On any given weekend during the AFL season, you’re likely to find Verity cheering on her beloved Melbourne Demons at the MCG.



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William Lamont

Marketing Manager

Shortly after completing his Bachelor of Business (majoring in Marketing) Will started with Sportsnet in 2012 and became Marketing Manager in 2017. His interests include new technology, motorcycles and his two dogs, Maggie and Patch. Given his passion for bikes, Will’s favourite Sportsnet adventure was the Isle of Man TT in 2017, however the inaugural Thailand MotoGP in 2018 is a close second!
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Kelly Stock

Events & Promotions Manager

Having worked in almost every promotions and/or public relations role imaginable over 10 years, Kelly joined the Sportsnet team in 2012 with the intention of taking our exclusive functions and experiences to a ‘world class’ level. Kel has achieved exactly that and more – Sportsnet functions have grown from being nice bonus inclusions to unforgettable, stand-alone events that we’ve become renowned for and regularly sell-out. Just like about half of the office, Kel is yet another Richmond Football Club supporter!
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Roger Domingos

Senior Graphic Designer

With more than 15 years experience working as a graphic designer and art director in his native Brazil, Roger joined the Sportsnet team in 2013 bringing a wealth of experience and unique approaches to both branding and conveying the Sportsnet message. Roger is soccer/football fanatic (no points for guessing who he supports), especially during a  FIFA World Cup  and his favourite sporting memories are Brazil holding aloft the Cup in 1994 and 2002.



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Barbara Anderson

Documentation Manager

Barbara joined the Sportsnet team in 2016 with over 10 years’ experience working in both the sport and the tourism industries. After completing a Sports Management degree in 2004, Barbara worked as an event manager for some of Australia’s top sport governing bodies. When the travel bug hit, Barbara headed to the UK where she spent five years working in tourism/sport in operational roles in over 10 countries. Being that she grew up in Sydney, Babs is an avid follower of the NRL, however she’s also slowly warming up to AFL!
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Contact Details

Phone Number – International: +61 3 9482 9411
Freecall – Australia: 1300 888 858
Freecall – New Zealand: 0800 658 745
Facsimile – Australia: +61 3 9482 9422
Email: [email protected]

Office Hours (all times AEST)

Monday: 8:30am – 6:00pm
Tuesday: 8:30am – 6:00pm
Wednesday: 8:30am – 6:00pm
Thursday: 8:30am – 6:00pm
Friday: 8:30am – 6:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 1:00pm (Sales department only)
Sunday: Closed[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]