8 Reasons You Must Visit Perth This Summer

Cottesloe Beach, Perth
Cottesloe Beach, Perth

Fun Fact:

Did you know Western Australia is one of the Top 10 coolest places to travel to? (Telegraph). In a relatively short period of time the city with endless sunshine has managed to reinvent itself. Perth was once only known for it’s pristine beaches and endless sunshine, but the capital city is quickly growing to become known as  one of the coolest travel destinations in the world.

1. Snap a selfie with the world’s happiest animal

alt='Rottnest Island, Perth - Quokka posing with man smile while taking a picture'
Rottnest Island, Perth - Quokka Selfie

Perth is home to the happiest and arguably one of the cutest animals on the planet, Quokkass. They live on a small island called Rottnest Island, located 19 km off the Perth coast. Quokkass have put Rottnest Island on the map with their incredibly photogenic nature. Smile when you take a selfie with these cuties as they will be sure to have a big grin on them too.


Side note, if you’re up for an even more unique experience, you have the option to skydive in! Is there anything cooler than falling from the sky and being greeted by Quokkas once you have landed?

2. Become a waterman for a day eating lobster fresh from the ocean

WA’s Lobster Shack Processing Facility. Fish, Chips, Lobster, Fisherman Basket, Lobster Shack Perth
WA’s Lobster Shack Processing Facility (Credit: http://gezegencaksut.blogspot.com.au/)

Looking for the freshest lunch you have ever had? Well, you can’t get any fresher lunch than WA’s Lobster Shack. which is located in Cervantes, a couple of hours drive north of Perth. You can be a fisherman for a day and try your luck snagging a fresh catch. When it comes to seafood dining, there’s nothing more exhilarating and rewarding than hooking a mighty catch and cooking it to perfection.

3. Hopman Cup 2018

Mastercard Hopman Cup 2018 – Travel Packages and Deals, Roger Federa
Mastercard Hopman Cup 2018 – Travel Packages and Deals

Tennis lovers, this a treat for you. If you are travelling between 30th of December and 6th of January then be sure to be there courtside at Perth Arena to witness the one and only, Roger Federer’s return to WA! The Hopman Cup is always an attraction for visitors travelling to Perth over the new year’s period. A little background on the event,  The Hopman Cup is the most prestigious mixed-gender tennis tournament in the world. You’ll see your favourite men’s & women’s tennis stars team up and battle it out for national pride. Did I mention that arguably the world’s greatest ever player, Roger Federer, will be returning in 2018?!

4. Taste some of the best homemade vodka and gin

Swan Valley - Perth's Valley of Taste, Orchard
Swan Valley - Perth's Valley of Taste (Credit: Robert Young)

If you’re in Perth make sure to stop by and grab a drink you’ll never forget. The new Cider and Ale Trail in the Swan Valley is where WA craft brewers are redefining the drinking scene in Australia. If you’re up for a shot of Vodka, Old Youngs, rated the number 1 vodka two years in a row, will certainly have you yelling cheers with all your family and friends.

5. Experience the pinnacles during the sunset

Partial panorama of the Pinnacles in the Pinnacles Desert, Sunset, Desert
Pinnacles Desert -(Credit:https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Gnangarra)

6. Visit Australia’s only 6 star hotel

Crown Towers Perth, Luxury Hotel & Accommodation -
Crown Towers Perth, Luxury Hotel & Accommodation - (Credit: www.businessnews.com.au)

Perth’s crown jewel in terms of hotels is the ultra-luxurious $645 million Crown Towers. It’s the only 6 star hotel in Australia and it’s a must see if you’re visiting WA. If you’re going to the Hopman Cup (Link to packages), (which you should be!), make sure to drop by the amazing happenings at Crown Towers lagoon right next door to the new Perth Stadium. It’s the most extravagant hotel ever constructed in Australia and you’ll experience this right from the start, with hosts delivering drinks to you whilst you relax in your TV-equipped cabana. Can you spell Paradise?!

7. Never ending bars!

Northbridge, Perth, Bar & Restaurant, Couple having Dinner
Northbridge, Perth

There is one thing for sure when you travel to Perth and that is you will never get thirsty! It may be warm, but you will never be without arms reach of a fancy bar and a nice cool drink. In fact, Perth is renowned for its fascination with bar culture. A good place to start your crawl is in the groovy inner-city suburb of Northbridge, where Dominion League, The Mechanics , Institute bar, No Mafia and Frisk Small Bar, amongst others, are located. Like I said, never ending!

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8. Adventure over to Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island
Rottnest Island Island in Western Australia.

1. Head to the beach.

Having a whopping 63 white sand beaches, you’ll have an endless amount of choices if you’re a beach goer or just want to relax along a beautiful beach. There are many ways to explore Rottnest Island – an Island Explorer Pass is probably the most convenient and flexible way to get around. There is also the Discovery Bus Tour which loops around the island in 90 minutes while guides give you insight into the island and it’s culture. Guide walks and segways tours are also available!


2.Whale watching

If you have a fascination with whales, Rottnest Island  is the perfect location for you. It’s the perfect location to see Humpback and Southern Right whales whilst they make their annual migration along Western Australia’s coastline.


3. Meet a Quokka

One of the biggest reasons Rottnest Island is known globally is for it’s ultra photogenic inhabitants that roam around the islands. This is the only place to see Quokkas.

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Bonus! You only need a can of beer and a sense of adventure to go to Perth

Single Can Transported From Melbourne to Perth
Single Can Transported From Melbourne to Perth (Credit: http://www.news.com.au/)

Yes, you read that right – All you need is a cold one and your adventure hat on and you’re good to go (not really), but it has been done before and I’m sure the guy and his can had a lot of fun!

Before you think I’ve lost the plot, know this –, a man went viral for heading to the beautiful sunny Perth with just the clothes on his back and one can of beer that kept him from going thirsty before he found one of the endless bars and clubs you can find in Perth.

You can read the full articles here: (http://www.news.com.au)

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