Discover Russia – FIFA World Cup 2018

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The globe’s biggest sporting event rolls into Russia in from 14th June – 15th July 2018, this series of ‘edge of your seat’ match ups between the world’s leading teams makes for one hellava show. Star players such as Harry Kane (ENG), Neymar Jr (BRA), Cristiano Ronaldo (PRT) and Australia’s own Aaron Mooy will bring nothing less than their A-game in a bid to win their respective countries the coveted Soccer FIFA World Cup trophy. It is the pinnacle of any committed football fans dream to witness history unfold on Russian soil come 2018. Get you game face on and read more about the eclectic host cities best bit.

Visit Saint Petersburg

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Since you’re already here and not in your living room may we suggest you get into the Saint Petersburg lifestyle. Yes, the on-field action at the newly built 70,000 seater Zenit Stadium will be your pulse point but outside of that you’ll find a city full of modern art, fine cuisine and incredible architecture. Even if you’re team isn’t playing here, the sights of Saint Petersburg (below) are worth a look.

  • From Baroque buildings to Soviet Structures and everything in between, Saint Petersburg’s architecture is breathtaking. Check out the Neo-Gothic style of the Chesme Church, consecrated in 1780 it’s striking pink and white exterior with its spiked turrets is wild on the eye. One of the most iconic buildings in the city is the Winter Palace (now the State Heritage Museum), once the home the Tsar’s it’s a grand, opulent, green and white structure, built circa mid 1800’s.
  • The number one tourist attraction here is the Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood. Built to memorialize Alexander II following his assassination in 1881, this spectacular church with its Italian pink marble floors and numerous mosaics looks amazing by day and epic by night.

Styling in Sochi

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Aerial view of Sochi, Russia Credit: "Viktor Teplyakov"

Sochi hosted the Winter Olympics in 2014 and the now its giant Fisht Olympic Stadium will see some electric matches play out as part of the World Cup Soccer 2018. Here’s our pick of places to be in whilst in town;

  • The Agura Waterfalls – just outside of the city and part of a nature reserve lies the Agura Ravine. Take a gentle hike along the ravine and see the waterfalls in flow. Further along at Eagle’s Rocks there’s panoramic views over the Baltic Sea and Sochi City. NB: Take a tour here in an ex Russian Military vehicle to add to the adventure.
  • Dine at Olivye – a charming European fusion restaurant that features authentic Russian dishes such as Borche, Salianca soups, a super fine Grilled Pork with Jack Daniel’s sauce and ripper steaks. It has a cosy atmosphere with plenty of private spaces. Excellent value, high quality home-style food and English-speaking waiters (if you’re lucky).

Explore Moscow

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Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium is one of the largest in Europe. Equipped with modern technology and architecture approx. 80,000 mad football fans will descend upon it for the opening ceremony, opening match, one semi-final and the big FIFA World Cup 2018 final. Moscow is the capital of the Russian empire and one of the oldest cities on the planet. Hence it makes sense to do a spot of sightseeing whilst here…


  • The Red Square & The Kremlin- Moscow’s top tourist destination is the historic Red Square site. Situated beside the Kremlin next to official government buildings the city square was intended to be a trade marketplace. It holds a significant part in World War II history as the site of various demonstrations and parades.


Moscow’s Red Square is the cities central focal point. The buildings surrounding the Square are all significant e.g. Lenin’s Mausoleum contains the body of Vladimir Lenin (founder of the Soviet Union). The majestic Saint Basil’s Cathedral is right there too. A visit to the mind-blowing palaces and cathedrals of the adjacent Kremlin building is a ‘must do’ activity whilst here. 


  • Liga Pap – Football fans will find their home away from home at Liga Pap – Moscow’s best sport’s bar. This joint will no doubt get hectic during the event so if you want to eat then book a table book early. In saying that the place is big and there’s loads of screens broadcasting live sports. Grab a beer, grab a stool and get acquainted with some Russian mates (if you’re brave ha).

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