Flemington Fashion Tips for the Melbourne Cup Carnival

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Flemington Racecourse Melbourne, Australia.

With the 2017 Melbourne Cup carnival just a few months away, it’s time to crack the whip and get your outfits on point. Fashion’s on the field is a big deal. Whether you’re getting set to make a statement impression or happy to keep your attire in low key style. It’s important to put your proverbial best foot forward. Here’s our selection of spring racing fashion tips and hints for the carnival. Take note and let’s go…..

Stepping Out on Oaks Day

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Flemington Racecourse on November 1, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia.

Oak’s Day is traditionally known as ladies’ day at the track. Keep your outfit feminine and a touch demure. Floral prints in sorbet hues are on trend. Block pastels too will keep your look current. Lace done right oozes elegance, just make sure it’s not too sheer though. Prize a touch of class above all else and you’ll be winner in the fashion stakes.


  • Natural toned accessories (shoes & bags) will balance out a floral or pastel frock.

  • Think 70’s. Free flowing dress cuts, dewy makeup and floppy hats.

  • Fascinators and headbands with a floral design are favoured pieces this season.

  • Go easy on spray tan and heavy eye makeup. It’s a race day event not a night club.

  • Overall a softer look suits Oak’s Day attire best so keep your back in black edge for Derby Day.


Men folk would do well to opt for grey or light navy suits that align with the softer colour palette encouraged on Oaks’ Day. Collared shirts in pastel blue or crisp white are a safe bet if you’re unsure. A statement tie is always on point.

Derby Day Delights

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Crown Oaks Day at Flemington Racecourse on November 3, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia.

Ladies and gents, Derby Day’s days fashion code is black & white. Act sharp, think elegant and max out in a classic look of understated sexiness. Monochrome is always classic! Women can bust out their favourite little black dress (although do keep your hem line in check).

Kate Waterhouse, an Australian fashion icon and a highly respected racing figure opted for an all-white ensemble in 2016. This fresh look is still a great way to stand out amid a sea of noir. And the lads? Well they can easily arrive in black on black attire. Note; a tailored dark suit and cheeky bowtie is always a Derby Day winner.

  • Men looking to get professionally fitted for a suit your best bet is to head to Oscar Hunt, Harrolds or the Pierucci Men’s Outfitter stores in Melbourne city. The first two establishments err on the expensive side of life however a good suit IS an investment piece. Whilst more reasonable priced yet quality suits will be found at the latter.

  • Ladies keep your accessories aligned with the black and white theme or add a pop of colour if your confident it won’t clash with the overall b&w look. Go a bit bolder with make-up today, slightly smouldering eyes are acceptable, so too is a statement lipstick. Derby Day is no time to be camera shy!

The Race That Stops the Nation

The prestigious day of ‘the race that stops the nation’ has arrived. Make sure you’ve got your Melbourne Cup 2017 tickets and take note of the following fashion advice….

Today’s best look is bright, bright, bright. Ladies be sure to bring your A game into play on race day with a contemporary head piece. Steer clear of the semi dated fascinator this season and opt for a metallic or black headpiece to compliment your outfit instead. This is the day to be fashion forward and follow runway trends. However, it is a racing carnival and a conservative nod to fashion tradition will get you noticed in all the right ways. Hint; a fold up pair of flats in your bag may save the day when high heels get too much to handle.

Men, cup day is all about fun! Now’s your chance to go all out with a double breasted or three-piece suit. Pay attention to detail; shirts and ties are not the only way to add colour and lift the vibe y’know. A snazzy pocket chief or fun pair of socks can add a cheerful element to your style.

Let us Take You There in Style

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Flemington Racecourse on November 1, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia.

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