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This is a call out to all sports fans who’d like to experience the ride of a lifetime, or at best make it trackside to watch all the high-speed drama unfold live at the Circuit of America’s MotoGP 2018. Good ol’ Austin, Texas is set to host the US leg of the tour in early April. The Circuit of the Americas is a purpose built grand prix track designed by well-known German architect and circuit designer Hermann Tilke. Featuring a decent mix of fast straights and hair pin bends that puts both riders and spectators on edge. Interestingly enough the circuit has many sections that mirror at least some part of a famous track around the world. Why not time a USA holiday with the opportunity to witness the world’s best MotoGP rider’s race stateside? Get inspired and read our top tips for visiting Austin below:

Best Live Music Venues in Austin

Austin is famous for great tunes. It hosts the annual SXSW festival – which centre’s around prominent international music acts. This popular event regularly refreshes the live music scene here. Of course you are in the Deep South, hence country music can and will reign supreme. See below for Sportsnet picks for a nothin’ if not loud night out.

  • The Continental Club – Features rock n roll, country, jazz & blues acts both national & local. A legendary club in Austin city folklore. The granddaddy of live music venues with a coast to coast reputation for a great time.

  • Shiner Saloon – A neighbourhood bar in downtown Austin. Offers live music 7 nights, 32 beers on tap, elevated bar grub and a ripper view of the city skyline from the rooftop patio. An upbeat spot with a cowboy vibe. Overall an authentic Texas experience.

  • The Skylark Lounge – The best blues/dive bar about. Also has live jazz and soul most nights of the week. Inside is a dark lounge with a cool vibe and excellent acoustics. Has a great outdoor patio area too. Shoot pool, play darts, quench your thirst and immerse yourself in sound.

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Austin City – Must See’s

Since you’ve travelled all the way to Texas for the COTA Austin MotoGP, it makes sense to explore your new surrounds. Put these tips on your list and take a walk on the Wild West side of life.

  • Rodeo Western Wear – Visit this classic shop and pick up as piece of iconic Texas fashion. Stocking men’s, ladies and children’s clothes and accessories. This the ‘go to’ for your souvenir belt, cowboy hats and boots made for walking. Stocks iconic brands including; Resistol Hats, Lucchese 1883 Boots and Wrangler. Top Tip; Stetson Hats are the finest in the land – find yours here at a competitive price ya’ll.

  • The State Capitol Building – If it’s in Texas, it must be bigger and better. The architects certainly followed that motto with the Capitol Building, Austin. It’s a beautiful structure that showcases the prevalent natural resources of Texas, such as limestone. Built in 1888 in an Italian Renaissance style, the building is set over 22 acres and features over 400 historic rooms. A visually engaging monument of epic proportions. Home of the state governor and the Texas senate chamber. It’s a heritage listed property, well worth a few hours of exploration. A real ‘if these walls could talk’ experience.

  • Bullock Texas State History Museum – This museum is a treasure trove of memorabilia. Effectively tells the story of some of the most significant moments in Texas’ history. Features interactive displays that cover a variety of local topics including; music, art, science, film, civil rights, ranching, oil and gas, pop culture, space exploration and more.

 With so much to do and see in Austin you’re bound to find something you like. I mean c’mon, you gotta have at least one massive Texas style meal in a kitsch roadside diner, just like in the movies! Needless to say the MotoGP event is where all the two wheel action is. Secure your MotoGP Texas 2018 tickets and package today via Sportsnet and reserve your place at the Circuit of the America’s. Watch international riders compete for the prestige, pride and hefty monetary prize that first place delivers. We guarantee it’ll be a gold experience! Texas, gold that is.

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