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When the Formula 1 world championship race arrives in the land of the rising sun come October 2018, tensions will quite literally be on the starting line. Many a times the Suzuka circuit has decided the season’s winner as it’s one of the last events on the F1 calendar. International teams must bring their absolute A-game into play in order to dominant at the only ‘Figure 8’ circuit remaining on tour. To give your pilgrimage to the 2018 Japanese F1 Grand Prix that extra edge – please see our event overview and destination guide info below:

The 2018 Japanese F1 Grand Prix – an overview.

Now in its 45th year the Japanese F1 event is an awesome spectacle of stealthy driving escapades. There ain’t no margin for error here. Stand out features of the Suzuka circuit are its 18 corners and turns including the notorious three ‘esses’ chicanes and the ‘Casio Triangle’ – a 90º left-handed whip bend. Keep a sharp eye on Turn 11 too, it’s one of the tightest and most unforgiving hairpin bends in the world! The purpose built F1 machines are really put through their paces throughout the duration of this thrilling figure 8 race. However it ultimately comes down to the driver’s skills in controlling the car when the chequered flag falls. For all the aerodynamic analysis on earth won’t win a racing team the coveted Japanese Grand Prix trophy without a talented F1 driver’s laser focus precision and intent to win.  Have a look at some of the packages we have on offer here.

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Fun Fact; The Suzuka International Racing Course iconic Ferris Wheel is a must-do at the circuit. The views are spectacular, even if there is no on-track action at the time.

Visit Ancient Japanese Temples

Suzuka is located in south eastern Japan, it’s a place of natural beauty and rich heritage. Japan is a country steeped in tradition and the people here are both humble and industrious. Common courtesy and polite manners will ensure your travels are both pleasant & rewarding. Here’s a list of must visit temples nearby to the Formula 1 event. All of which are visually breathtaking.

  • Koyasu Kannon-Ji Temple – This temple attracts visitors from all over Japan and is known as a sacred place for a variety of reasons, particularly fertility. Has an ever blooming Cherry tree that famously blossoms throughout the four seasons.

  • Senjuji Temple – Dating back to the early 14th century this is the largest Buddhist temple in the Mie Prefecture and approx. 10kms from the Suzuka Circuit. Surrounded by high earthen walls, with an impressive set of gates and the distinctive Taikomon bell tower’s gabled roofs, the temple appears more like a castle than a place of worship. Plenty of space to explore without busy tourist crowds.

  • Tsubaki O-Kami Yashiro Grand Shrine – Located in the central foot of Suzuka Mountains the entrance to this ancient shrine is lined with centuries-old cypress and cedar trees. It’s known to honour the Japanese ‘God of Guidance’. Features a lovely tea house on-site, open to the public.


A Japanese Feast

There’s plenty of quality food options at the Suzuka Circuit. Most offer reasonable prices and cater to western tastes too. The crew at Sportsnet Holidays definitely urge you to seek out the Salty-Miso Tonkotsu Ramen stall for the best ramen noodles about.

Not surprisingly the Suzuka region has an abundance of ace eateries. You are in Japan after all! Please see our favourite’s below;

  • Natural Buffet Sora Tabeyo – hugely popular with locals and tourists. Head here for sumptuous dumplings, fresh salads and a-grade sashimi. Voted 1 in the Suzuka district by Trip Advisor reviewers.


  • Uotami – wow, this low key looking restaurant/cafe offers up delicious chicken skewers, fresh sushi, authentic noodle dishes and comforting udon bowls. It’s a licenced venue so you can enjoy a crisp Asahi and/or sake with your meal too.


  • Cherir Suzuka – essentially an upmarket cake store. The Japanese are famous for preparing delicate desserts and presenting them with flair. Pick up a memorable sweet treat here. It’s actually a cool photo opportunity in here – a kitsch Japanese display at its finest.


Get a head start and contact Sportsnet Holidays now to allow us to tailor a 2018 Japan Formula 1 travel package to suit your needs. We’re experts at providing a full booking service for keen F1 fans! Adrenaline runs high at this event where capacity crowds converge upon the stadiums to watch top-performing vehicles handle this exciting circuit at mega speeds. The local people are massive F1 fans too, add to that an influx of international spectators and ladies and gentleman we have ourselves a show. Call a consultant today for further info.

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