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February 2018 will see super star tennis greats Roger Federer and Serena Williams return to Melbourne to defend their respective 2017 titles. Not to mention a slew of top world players joining them, such as Novak Djokovic, Angelique Kerber and Rafael Nadal to name but a few! Attendance numbers at the Australian Open often exceed that of the massive US Open Grand Slam, so it’s a must see for any Tennis fan! Read on below to find the best shopping, nightlife, & transport for your Australian Open trip.

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Whilst in town why not investigate a selection of Melbourne’s top stores?

Melbourne is Australia’s unofficial fashion capital – get your retail therapy fix and Australian Open statement outfits whilst in town. There’s plenty of chic cafés, fine dining restaurants and great bistros to be sampled along the way. Our go to shopping zones are listed below:

Chapel Street, Prahan.

Dakota 501 is a denim lover’s delight with an amazing selection of top label jeans.

Bisonte stocks the absolute finest of soft Italian leather goods. Boots, bags, briefcases and stylish leather jackets.

Green with Envy is the home of cutting edge high fashion. Featuring collections by renowned local and international designers such as Ellery and Alexander Wang.

Gorman quality features trend fashion pieces from premier Australian label Gorman. Think bold prints and modern tailored cuts.

Jack London is a high quality menswear store. Clothing is inspired by the mod/rocker scene of the 60’s. Short suit jackets with narrow lapels, slim ties and kitsch polo shirts.

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Ahh Melbourne, you big show off you! This city already held a brazen and varied nightlife vibe that only got stronger after Sydney’s now infamous 1am lockout laws were established. So what to do when the sun has set and the heated matches at centre court have completed? Here’s a few cracker ideas for tennis fans in town to let the good times roll out.

Crown Casino. 8 Whiteman St, Southbank.
A smart establishment in the centre of Melbourne. Award winning restaurants, slick high rollers quarters and the tangible buzz and rush that comes with casino play.

Cherry Bar. ACDC Lane, CBD.
International rock and roll royalty all frequent this Melbourne institution when touring down under. You never know who you may meet at Cherry! A little bit raw and a lot alive, expect an electric vibe. Live bands attract a mixed audience from of all ages and from all walks of life. Pull up a stool and enjoy the pulsing energy of an authentic classic rock venue.

Uptown Jazz Café. 177 Brunswick St, Fitzroy.
Ambience plus! Moulin rouge inspired décor such as art deco lounges and velvet curtains. Outstanding jazz acts perform at this intimate venue, you’re up close to the musicians and the acoustics inside are timeless. Delectable tapas and an extensive, snazzy wine list. An all class, all brass, piano bar style.

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Tennis fans from Sydney are invited to cruise with Sportsnet Holidays in collaboration with P&O Cruises aboard the Pacific Eden or the Pacific Explorer – depending on which dates you select. This is a five night, all-star cruising experience with all the expected trimmings that come with a P&O cruise. Disembark in the port of Melbourne and get set exploring the city. You’ll certainly have down time between watching the world’s premier athletes compete at the 2018 Australian Open to engage with all that the cultural hub of Melbourne has to offer.

Sportsnet Holidays have crafted a series of packages including central hotels, transfers and bonus event entertainment to make organising your Australian Open trip a breeze. The packages can also be altered to suit your specific needs. Transport options include return flights from your preferred airport and cruise options with our partners at P&O to Melbourne. The 2018 Australian Open is Australia’s only Grand Slam event on the word tennis tour, so let us take you there in style!

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