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The Classic TT is a natural spin-off from the Isle of Man TT. Billed as an entertaining road race for fans and classic motorcycle enthusiasts alike. The August 2018 event is a more sedate affair in comparison to the highly charged atmosphere of the often dangerous Isle of Man TT race. The challenging terrain of mountainous bends and cobblestone streets remains the same, however the overall spectacle is more casual since the main focus is on the rare, vintage and exotic racing and touring bikes from around the globe. Thinking of combining a UK holiday with this classic annual race? Then read on to discover more about the region!

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Situated in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland stands the Isle of Man. With its rugged coastlines, medieval castles, and scenic landscape that rises to a mountainous centre, visitors are guaranteed to find historic sites and attractions to admire. Here’s a condensed list of popular things to do in the area.

• Wildlife Watching. Bring your camera and binoculars and aim high, for the Isle of Man is a haven for birdwatchers. Being an island destination there’s plenty of inquisitive marine life abound too. Seals gone wild anyone?

• Family Activities. Check out Onchan Pleasure Park – this popular leisure hub has its own boating lake complete with bumper boats, motorboats, go-karts and a super fun golf course. Adventurous types may find a guided horse riding experience and /or a mountain hike to be more to their liking.

• Historic Landmarks. There’s no shortage of ancient castles, unique museums and historic railway stations dotted throughout the island. All within close radius of the famous Snaefell Mountain Course.

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The team at Sportsnet Holidays take their on-site research seriously (beer in hand optional). Aside from sourcing premium accommodation for the Isle of Man Classic TT, we’ve also selected our top 4 dining options & drinking holes in the region.

• Creg-Ny-Baa. The Famous Creg-ny-baa is steeped in history as one of the most spectacular landmarks on the World Famous Mountain Course. The iconic pub is the ideal spot to watch the bikes appear from Kate’s Cottage, and leap over the jump as they speed towards the grandstand on one of the fastest sections of the course. Our packages include a Creg-Ny-Baa Grandstand ticket, which offers unrivalled views, public conveniences, live commentary and food and drink available to purchase. You can even upgrade and join the TT VIP Club, which caters to every need a die-hard Isle of Man TT fan can possibly have!

• Fibley’s Bistro. Located in the quaint province of Peel, Fibley’s surpasses all others when it comes to first class food. A welcoming establishment that provides diners with superb meals. This is the numero uno restaurant in the area, hence bookings are essential. Excellent seafood dishes, with a broad mix of European flavours.

• Jak’s Bar & Steakhouse. Situated in the centre of Douglas town, Jak’s is a favourite spot for a refreshing pint and a premium rib eye. It’s by far the Isle of Man’s premier live sport and music venue and an award winning one at that. Suitable for larger groups and families wanting to enjoy home cooked food at affordable prices. Hot Tip; avid sports fans will love the downstairs bar. It’s the only place on the island that has multiple screens showing a comprehensive list of live sporting events.

• Just Pizza & Pasta. A slightly misleading name being that this popular Douglas eatery does in fact serve the ‘best’ Italian on the island. Rustically inspired fresh pasta dishes to satisfy the greatest of appetites. The passionate chef’s make traditional wood fired pizza right before your eyes. A family friendly warehouse styled restaurant with a cheery vibe.

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Motorcycle enthusiasts can expect to be a part of a truly unforgettable event! You’ll be enthralled with the Isle of Man Classic TT’s retro vibe right from the get go.

Off track, fans flock to the laid back Grandstand Paddock Carnival to socialise and explore specialised trade stands. The event also features the Classic TT Party, where the crew really let go with loud tunes and louder outfits.

Guests of Sportsnet Holidays also gain exclusive entry to TT Heroes Dinner – here you can dine with like-minded fans, and meet some of the biggest stars in recent TT history.

Overall it’s a unique opportunity to see vintage bikes race in real life, many of which would otherwise be best confined to museums and private collections. The is a family friendly place, but no matter who you plan on taking the dedicated team at Sportnet Holidays will neatly arrange everything. Ensure you secure a premium travel and event package by contacting one of our friendly staff now. They do say time waits for no man for a reason, right?

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