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The star back-rower recently signed a $10m deal over 10 years to make him the NRL’s richest man. He’s worth that money for a reason, and expect nothing different come cup time. The Daly M medal holder will be key to the Kiwis success as they attempt to hold onto their number 1 ranking.

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The Hayne Plane is back in the NRL, although a long term ankle injury has kept him sidelined in recent times. However we all know the man can play, and he would be an asset to any team. What team that is remains the question. He represented Australia during the 2013 Rugby League World Cup, but recent eligibility changes and his apparent interest in joining the Fiji setup has my money on Hayne turning out at his destructive best for Fiji Bati.

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He may be off to Toulon at the end of this season, but Radradra has declared his availability to represent Fiji at RLWC2017. He played for Fiji during the 2013 World Cup, and given he’s jetting off to France he won’t be considered for the Kangaroos. With 64 tries in 72 NRL games it would seem silly to let his talents go to waste, so keep an eye out. He could also be a drawcard for Hayne, potentially getting him to follow through on his “apparent interest” and turning Fiji Bati into a prospective giant killer.

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After 10 months of turmoil Foran has also returned to the NRL. 80 minutes into his comeback and you can understand why Parramatta were willing to fork out over $1m for his signature. With a try on debut, his influence on the Warriors was obvious. Being back home in NZ, and playing week in-week out with what is effectively the Kiwis spine can only be good for Foran and the NZ national side. If he can maintain the right headspace off the field, he’ll be a dangerous man on it come October.

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The former Raiders skipper may be 32, but there’s a fair bit of life in the old dog yet. He helped mastermind Italy’s 62-14 rout of Serbia last October, and has since returned home to coach his junior club the Queanbeyan Blues, following a Super League stint at Hull KR last year. He’s still fit, and has a good league brain, so he’ll be an interesting one to watch during Italy’s pool phase. The atmosphere at Canberra Stadium, during what could be his final match on November 10, will be something special, so if you’re wanting to see a game live it’s a decent option!

Written by Jack Biss