What Makes Western Australia the Most Unique State in Australia?

alt"Night view of Pinnacles by The Sunset - What Makes Perth the Most Unique State in Australia"
Drive Through the Pinnacles by The Sunset: http://justanotherday.westernaustralia.com/

It’s big, beautiful and billions of years old. Western Australia is around the size of Western Europe and accounts for one-third of the Australian continent boasting around 20,000 kilometres of mainland and island coastlines. The size of Western Australia alone could make it the most unique state in Australia, however, what really makes it unique is what can be found in this enormous land mass.

From abundant natural wonders, endless coastlines and one of the most modern cities in the world, it’s easy to see why Western Australia is the most unique state in Australia . Here’s our short list of why Western Australia is the most unique state in Australia.

1. Perth

alt=Couple enjoying the sunset at Kings Park - Western Australia - What Makes Perth the Most Unique State in Australia"
Kings Park, Perth: www.westernaustralia.com/

In a relatively short period of time the city with endless sunshine has managed reinvent itself. Perth was once only known for it’s pristine beaches and endless sunshine, but the capital city is quickly growing to become known as one of the coolest travel destinations not only in Australia, but the world.

Here’s a few reasons why Perth has built this esteemed reputation of ‘coolest city to travel to’  from local and international travellers:

  • The Sunshine

There’s a reason Perth is regarded as the ‘city of endless sunshine’ it’s because the city is blessed with more hours of sunshine. Great weather is something you can assume when you travel to Perth.

  • Kings Park

If you’ve visited Perth or have been researching why to go, you’ve most likely heard or read about Kings Park, one of the largest inner city parks in the world and the biggest in the southern hemisphere. The park boasts the best views of the city day or night. Combine this with extra hours of sunshine and you have a recipe for some of the best days outdoors you can possibly imagine. Aside from the views, you’ll often find the King’s Park being the backdrop to open air concerts, plays and outdoor movies, just to name a few. King’s Park is also where you’ll find most of Perth on big occasions such as Australia Day and ANZAC Day.

  • The Hopman Cup

The Hopman Cup is the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. You’ll see your favourite men’s & women’s tennis stars team up and battle it out for national pride. Did I mention that arguably the world’s greatest ever player, Roger Federer, will be competing in the upcoming Hopman Cup?  For more information, click here: Hopman Cup 2019 Travel Packages & Deals

  • The Swan Valley

Swan Valley is where Western Australia’s best craft brewers are redefining the drinking scene of Australia. Aside being able to find some of the best tasting alcoholic drinks in the nation, The Valley also offers just about anything you can think of including coffee, ice cream, Aboriginal bushtucker, chocolate, cheese, honey, and of course, wine.

  • Rottnest

Perth is the only city in Australia to have an A-class nature reserve just 30 minutes off its coast. Rottnest is home to a astonishing 63 white sand beaches and 20 beautiful bays, you’ll have an endless amount of choices if you’re a beach goer or just want to relax along a beautiful beach. Rottnest is also home to the world’s happiest animal in the world! 

  • The Bar Culture!

There is one thing for sure when you travel to Perth and that is you will never get thirsty! It may be warm, but you will never be without arms reach of a fancy bar and a nice cool drink. In fact, Perth is renowned for its fascination with bar culture. A good place to start your crawl is in the groovy inner-city suburb of Northbridge, where Dominion League, The Mechanics , Institute bar, No Mafia and Frisk Small Bar, amongst others, are located. Like I said, never ending!

2. Trail Walks

As we have mentioned to before Western Australia is well know for it’s natural wonders, now there’s no better way to experience and take in these natural wonders than going of the many famous trail walks Western Australia has to offer. 

Here are the Top 5 trail walks perfect for everyone.
1.Bold Park
2.Zig Zag Trail
3.Bells Rapid Walk Train
4.Wadjemup Walk Trail
5.Bibbulmun Track

(Credit: https://www.theurbanlist.com)

3. Horizontal Falls

alt=Birdseye view of Horizontal Falls Western Australia - What Makes Perth the Most Unique State in Australia"
Horizontal Falls, Western Australia: http://justanotherday.westernaustralia.com/

Western Australia is home to Australia’s one and only horizontal waterfalls. The waterfall is created when massive tidal movements squeeze water through narrow cliff passages, it’s truly a spectacular site to see. Aerial tours from Broome and Derby enable you to circle the phenomenon from above, alongside other scenic wonders of the Buccaneer Archipelago, where turquoise blue water contrasts with rugged red cliffs. 

4. The BIGGEST Fish in The World

Where can you find the world’s biggest fish? Where else, but off the coast Western Australia. If you’re the adventures type you can go for a night dive with these 13-metre long whale sharks! Don’t worry they’re friendly giants!

5. Karijini National Park

alt="landscape view of Karijini National Park - Western Australia - What Makes Perth the Most Unique State in Australia"
Karijini National Park, Western Australia: http://justanotherday.westernaustralia.com/

Two billion years in the making, Karijini in the North West is home to massive gorges, crystal-clear rock pools and waterfalls, as well as rock wallabies, red kangaroos, echidnas, dragons and huge termite moulds. Explore tunnels of marbled rock, clamber over boulders, squeeze through narrow tunnels, paddle through waterways and descend deep into ancient chasms.

6. It's Sheer Size

Western Australia’s sheer land size alone could makes it the most unique states in Australia. If Western Australia were to declare itself a country today, it would be in the world’s top 10 for size!

Fun fact: Perth is actually closer to 2 international countries than it’s national capital, Canberra. Yes, Perth is closer to Singapore and Jakarta than it is to Canberra. 

7. Lucky Bay

alt=" Landscape view of two Kangaroos and a seagull at Lucky Bay"
Lucky Bay, Western Australia: http://justanotherday.westernaustralia.com/

Have you ever seen Kangaroos chilling on a beach? Well, you’ll see them at Lucky Bay, on the south-east coast, which is also Australia’s whitest beach. The surrounding Cape Le Grand National Park is known for its stunning scenery and idyllic coast, where the landscape changes from massive granite outcrops to freshwater pools and unbelievably white sandy beaches.

8. Mount Augustus

Mount Augustus is gigantic, in fact it’s the biggest mountain on earth! It stretches over 8km long and 3km wide. The sheer size of this mountain can only be comprehended in person, so if you’re every lucky enough to travel to Perth be sure to take a detour to see this natural wonder. 

9. Whale watching

alt=Humpback Whale at Rottnest Island"
Humpback Whale - Rottnest Island, Western Australia

Western Australia, has one of the longest whale-watching seasons in the world, with tours operating from May to December, from the Kimberley in the north to Esperance in the south. Humpbacks, Southern Rights and the rare Blue Whale can be seen, as well as the southern hemisphere’s largest pod of killer whales (orcas) off Bremer Bay.

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