The 2018 Adelaide 500 – Let us Entertain You.

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Supercars 2018 Adelaide 500

The Adelaide 500 is not just about motorsport- it’s about providing outstanding entertainment and showcasing the best of the cities many attributes. 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of this esteemed supercar race and its bound to be biggest and boldest rev up event Adelaide has ever seen. The 4-day Clipsal 500 2018 extravaganza begins March 2nd and opens both the V8 Supercars and the Supercar season. Pulling focus on a sole event here can be tricky. We’re talking a weekend schedule that’s packed with exciting side shows. Anything from modern speedway displays through to Enduro-X demonstrations goes. Not to mention Robbie Williams as the headline Saturday night act!  Read the Sportsnet Holidays entertainment guide for the Clipsal Adelaide 500, right here;

The Need for Speed

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Supercars 2018 Adelaide 500

The Adelaide Parklands Circuit is a temporary track adjacent to the CBD. It’s got a colourful history in the world of motosport and has played host to many memorable Formula 1 and V8 Supercar races in times past. Driver’s come out of the straight, under pressure to expertly negotiate the Senna Chicane (named after triple F1 World Champion Ayrton Senna). Keep your eyes on turn 8 too, teams have protested about the turn’s high speed and arguably insufficient runoff area that tend to make it a crash hot spot.

The Supercars Adelaide 500 is one hellava hot race both literally and metaphorically and March is prime rain time. Odds are she could be wet one… if only intermittently. We can’t predict the conditions but we can tell you that the world’s best supercar drivers including legends such as Craig Lowndes, Fabian Coulthard, Todd Kelly and Scott Pye will be well revved up for the season opener. 

Keen for Fun

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Supercars 2018 Adelaide 500

Hey ho, let’s go. This mega race event sees an average of 250,000 stream through the gates over the 4-day weekend. Are you keen to get party? Want to witness a few rad moto inspired side shows too? Terrific – here’s our pick of places to be at the Clipsal Adelaide 500.


  • Check out ‘The Vulcan’, Aston Martin’s limited-edition supercar when it takes to the iconic Clipsal 500 circuit in a flashy Australian first. Smooth? Yes. Criminal? Only because there’s no test drives allowed.


  • Everyday throughout the event you can catch two-wheel extreme action play when a slew of X games champs attempt tricks that’ll make you wince. This is a world exclusive collision between EnduroX and Supercross racing! Riders from these two different bike styles will take to the world’s first hybrid Enduro X and Supercross track so add this to your adrenaline list stat.


  • Head to the fast ‘Adrenalin Bar’ in the Gold Zone along Pit Straight near Turn 1- the pumping heart of the circuit. Catch all the high-speed racing action from a shaded raised platform. It’s hyped, it’s fun and it’s a great spot to mingle with motosport enthusiasts and oh yeah likely all the pretty ladies too. Bottoms up!

All Hail Robbie Williams

Yep, you can see Robbie live at his only Adelaide performance on his whirlwind Australian tour come Saturday night. The man doesn’t really require an introduction. Being the best-selling British solo artist in the UK and having records sales of over 77 million worldwide speaks for itself. It’s safe to say he’s got the musical goods. I daresay the 2018 Clipsal Adelaide 500 crowd won’t fully know what’s hit it until the final note of Mr. Williams ‘The Heavy Entertainment Show’.  Known for his cheeky demeanor and energetic on-stage antics this is a showman that guarantees to please

Book Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

The Adelaide 500 will return to its original accelerate two-race format in 2017. This creates a more competitive and adrenaline-filled environment for drivers and fans alike. Throw in the myriad of side shows on offer and your weekend of fun will be on like Donkey Kong. Call the friendly team at Sportsnet Holidays now & secure your reserved grandstand seating combined with our specialised Clipsal 500 accommodation packages before you miss out.