The Top Must Visit Bars & Restaurants While in Perth

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Northbridge, Perth - Bars & Restaurants


1. Wildflower

Alt="Wildflower Restaurant Interior , daytime restaurant seating"
Wildflower Restaurant Interior (credit:

Location:  1 Cathedral Ave, Perth WA 6000 PH: (08) 6168 7855

Wildflower is all about the view and that’s the first thing you will notice once you walk in. If you want a fine dining experience with an absolutely stunning view of the city then Wildflower is the place for you. Expect the food to be just as stunning, with Chef Jed Gerrard scrumptious dishes made with native Western Australia ingredients.


Tip: If you really want to enjoy the view, get in a little early, grab a drink at the bar on the outside terrace and avoid the hustle and bustle.


Expected prices: $33; main $48; dessert $24


Open Hours:

Monday: Closed 

Tuesday: 12 – 2:30pm, 6-10pm

Wednesday: 12 – 2:30pm, 6-10pm

Thursday: 12 – 2:30pm, 6-10pm

Friday: 12 – 2:30pm, 6-10pm

Saturday: 6 – 10pm

Sunday: Closed

2.Rockpool Bar & Grill

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Rockpool Bar & Grill, Perth (credit:

Location: Crown Perth, Burswood  p: 1800 556 688

You only need a few words to describe the RB&G and that’s ‘old school glamour’. It’s the perfect backdrop for the restaurant’s luxe take on steakhouse dining. The enormous range  of sumptuous food and wine has even the most established restaurants envious. This restaurant is well prepared to meet any foodies’ needs with a killer cellar, great beef, seafood, and bar snacking.


Tips: Don’t be ashamed to go in solo and treat yourself to a solo date (you deserve it!). Grab and drink and chow down on a Full-Blood Wagyu burger with bacon, gruyere and Zuni pickle.


Expected Prices: entrée $30; main $50; dessert $23


Open Hours:

Monday: 12–3pm, 6–11pm

Tuesday: 12–3pm, 6–11pm

Wednesday: 12–3pm, 6–11pm

Thursday: 12–3pm, 6–11pm

Friday: 12–3pm, 6–11pm

Saturday: 6–10pm

Sunday: 12–3pm, 6–10pm

3. Long Chim

alt="Long Chim, Perth luxury outside dining"
Long Chim - Perth (credit:

Location: Barrack St & St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000 P:(08) 6168 7775

Looking for something exotic while staying in the sunny city of Perth? It gets no better than restaurant royalty, Long Chim.The restaurant has earned its sterling reputation thanks to chef, David Thompson who earned a place in the Top 50 Restaurants in the World (goodfood) with his Bangkok restaurant, Nahm.


Tip: Get your taste buds ready and have very high expectation, both will be (very) satisfied!


Open hours:

Monday – Sunday: 12 – 10:30pm

4. Co-op Dining

Alt="Salmon Fillet on a plate with herbs and garnish"
Co - Op Dining - Perth (credit:

Location:  2/11 Regal Pl, East Perth WA 6004 P: (08) 9221 0404

Co-op dining is for the ethically-minded foodie. Co- op dining will help you taste what WA’s produce has to offer. From duck hearts to blueberry crackers, chef Chef Kiren Mainwaring menu focuses heavily on a locally-focussed tasting menu. Sustainable, local and absolutely delicious is what you will get from Co-op!


Tip: It’s better to go in a group. Co-op is a place where you should be surrounded by as many friends and family as possible to make dining memories with.


Expected Price: Tasting menu $125


Open Hours:

Mon – Sun: Closed

Tue – Sat : 6pm – 12am


1.The Laneway Lounge

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Laneway Lounge - (credit: www.

Location: 414A Murray St, Perth

Food that melts in your mouth, experimental mixtures, old school cocktails, and live music that is sure to pick you up for the weekend, the Laneway Lounge has it all. Expect the food to be quick, the drinks to be great and the music to be a mix of new and reworked songs that can range from Ed Sheeran to Elton John.


Opening Hours:

Sun: 2:00 – 10:00pm

Tue – Fri: 4:00 – 12:00pm

Sat: 5:00 – 12:00pm

2. Helvetica

alt="Helvetica Bar & Lounge"
Helvetica Bar -(credit:

Location: 101 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000

Helvetica is one of Perth’s true hidden gems.. Although it’s a bit hard to find, but it only makes it’s sublime range of drinks that much more rewarding!. This is the perfect location for you and your friends if you are looking for a top secret whisky drinking spot. The place is quiet, cosy,  the whisky is abundant, and the vibe is infectious.


Open Hours: 

Monday: 2pm – 12am 

Tuesday: 2pm – 12am 

Wednesday: 2pm – 12am 

Thursday: 2pm – 12am 

Friday: 12pm – 12am 

Saturday: 3pm – 12am 

Sunday: Closed 

3.Halford Bar

alt="Halford bar, luxury bar with people drinking"
Halford Bar - (credit:

Location: Hay St & Cathedral Ave, Perth WA 6000

Located in an old safe room of what use to be a treasury building, Halford bar as an underground bar with a chilled out atmosphere. The night lounges is suited for a relaxed night out or secret rendezvous. Good service, a great selection of drinks and live music is what you will find at the Halford Bar.


Open Hours:

Sunday – Monday: Closed

Tuesday – Wednesday : 4pm -12am

Thursday – Saturday: 4pm – 2am

4. Hula Bula Bar

alt="Hula Bula Bar, Perth, Tropical bar area"
Hula Bula Bar, Perth (credit:

Location: 12 Victoria Ave, Perth WA 6000

Hula Bula Bar is one of the best places in Perth for Happy Hour. With an assortment of daily specials and different themes each night from Tuesday to Friday, you are bound to have a fantastic time. If you head there from 4pm till late, most nights you will find yourself buying $10 cocktails or some  seriously cheap beers on tap. Happy Hour here will most likely turn into an entire happy night! Tip, if you want to secure a table on the weekends, be sure to get sure to get in early!


Open Hours:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday – Wednesday: 4pm – 12am

Thursday – Saturday: 4am – 1am

5. Mint

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Mint Bar, Perth (

Location: 139 James Street, Northbridge Western Australia 6003

This one is for those who just want to dance the night away. Mint has been know to draw in a relatively passive and fun-loving crowd with it’s mix of DJ’s and themed nights. You can expect the drinks to be same price as you would find in other Perth clubs.


Tip: Get there before 10:30 if your are looking to avoid the long wait!


Open Hours:

Friday – Saturday: 10:00 – 4:00am