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2022 PETRONAS Grand Prix of Malaysia
Premier Roving Update & Grandstand Upgrade

We hope you’re looking forward to experiencing the PETRONAS Grand Prix of Malaysia this weekend! 

We have just received the following update from Sepang International Circuit (SIC) regarding your Premier Roving ticket: 

We would like to inform you that all Premier Roving ticket holders will be automatically upgraded to the 'Upgraded Main Grandstand', located at the lower tier of North Main Grandstand. This is because of the closing of a few stands including F Grandstand & K2 Hillstand, which will impact the roving capacity of those ticket holders. Therefore, SIC have decided to upgrade all Premier Roving tickets to 'Upgraded Main Grandstand' without any extra charges. 

You can continue using your Premier Roving ticket to enjoy the 'Upgraded Main Grandstand', which includes an additional: 
1) Free merchandise goody bag 
2) Meal on Sunday 

Thank you for your understanding and patience. Should you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact Sportsnet's on-the-ground staff on 0436 806 542.

Kind regards, 

The team at Sportsnet