Social Media House Rules

As lovers of sport & travel we have different opinions, interests & experiences. As fans of our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn pages, we encourage you to express your views, participate in conversation and share your experiences!

We understand we all might not all be on the same page with certain dialogue, but much like on the field, we do not accept foul play.

Whilst we moderate our page, we are passionate in welcoming an expressive community that is fabricated by diversity, respect and self-moderation.

In our community, we have three essential ‘House Rules’ for you be mindful of:

1. Be nice to each other. We will not accept obscenities, offensive language, threats, harassment, discrimination or hate towards another person or organisation – including us, our partners, employees and our competitors.

2. We do not accept spam. Please no repeat posts or unwarranted ads.

3. We kindly ask you keep posts on ours threads relevant to topic.

Your feedback is always welcome, albeit positive or negative! It’s in our best interests to reply to your comments when expected and efficiently.

Conversations and discussions are great, and we completely endorse it on our threads. Although, if any of our ‘House Rules’ are broken we reserve the right to remove comments. If any individual is consistently breaking our rules, a ban from our page will be resulted.

Serious business aside. It’s time to have fun, share our passions for sport & travel and discuss what’s relevant! We look forward to interacting with you.

If you have any issues you’d like to address, contact us via private message or via email at: [email protected]