The biggest sports stars in the world are in isolation.
Let’s see how they’re passing the time!

Eddie always making it look easy…

⚽️ 🕺🏻

The G.O.A.T working on his ‘tweener’! 🎾

Does Tyson still have it? His pup doesn’t seem too fazed… 🥊

Not today junior… ⚽️

Freddie Freeman just getting his confidence up! ⚾️

Global soccer sensation Ronaldinho is in a different form of isolation after his latest run in at a Paraguayan airport. He’s wasted no time finding a soccer ball… ⚽️

Manchester United stars from Portugal Diogo Dalot and Bruno Fernandes wanted to keep their touch with the soccer ball by having a kick-a-bout in the backyard with mini goals. Whilst they demonstrate their brilliant skills, they show they’re human by losing the ball in one of the back garden’s trees – a common problem faced by many playing sport in the backyard! ⚽️ 🌳

Lucas di Grassi is keeping up to speed by doing laps of his house! 🏎

Liverpool’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain maintaining his swift footwork with some swift moves! 🕺🏻

Patty Mills is now taking bookings as a guitarist! 🎸

More golf for Gareth Bale!

He just doesn’t miss!

Ronaldinho can’t get away from the soccer ball in this Paraguayan prison! ⚽️ 🥅

Also a Demon with the golf stick! 🏌🏼‍♂️🎾 😈

Gareth Bale preferring a golf isolation challenge… ⛳️ 🧻

Almost like the real thing… 🏀

Dane Swan may not be in forced isolation, he’s giving the latest trends a go…

Lebron James is looking for someone to drink wine with…. 🍷

Liverpool’s James Milner has started trimming his grass to a certain level… ⚽️ 🌱

Cesc Fabregas with a PSA from his balcony… 📢

Bruno Fernandes in the thick of it again, this time juggling toilet paper and passing on to Joao Felix for the #stayathomechallenge

We’re not exactly sure who is in this video, but it deserves a play! 🎾