‘Best of both worlds’ Thailand Experience

Combining the thrill of Thailand MotoGP action along with the special culture of Thailand certainly delivers a ‘best of both worlds’ experience!

Thailand is without doubt a hot holiday destination – and that’s not in reference to the climate! Thailand caters for many diverse demographics, offering an incredibly vibrant nightlife, some of the most delectable and exotic cultural dishes on the globe, tropical beaches, beautiful accommodation to unwind, adrenaline pumping activities, fascinating cultural heritage and of course a very appealing foreign exchange rate!

Whilst witnessing an electrifying Thailand MotoGP, MotoGP downtime will be imminent! This leaves the door is well and truly open to explore the great confines of Thailand, and we have a host of recommendations amongst many of the regions and happenings of Thailand that’ll ensure you leave fulfilled and relish a truly unique experience!

Buri Ram

Buri Ram which means “city of happiness” and “peaceful city” is located on the lower part of Thailand’s North-Eastern Region (410km from Bangkok) and is rich in cultural heritage. While the town may lack attraction and it seems you might be a long way from the chaos of Thailand’s popular destinations – your eyes will be open to Thailand’s incredible historic confines! 

Ancient Khmer Civilisation Site – Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Buri Ram is home to many remarkable attractions that’ll expose you to Thailand’s rich heritage and culture, such as the Ancient Khmer civilisation site. The Ancient Khmer civilisation site is home to many archaeological discoveries of pre-historic human habitation and ancient ruins such as sandstone sanctuaries/temples and pottery kiln sites that date back to the 10th-13th century. Visiting the Ancient Khmer civilisation site will deliver an educational and extremely enjoyable experience of Thailand’s ancient civilisation history!

Known as the land of volcanoes – the extinct volcano previously known as ‘Khmer Phanom Kradong’ in Buri Ram is a must see! Reaching the top of the extinct volcano can either be done via driving up or a highly recommended small hike through the beautiful Khao Kradong Forest Park. If opting to hike you’ll be amidst colourful indigenous plants and trees such as the Devil Yoni tree found only in volcanic areas, various interesting bird species and much more intriguing wildlife. Reaching the top delivers stunning picturesque views of the surrounding countryside – along side the majestic golden Buddha, the symbol of Buri Ram!

Bangkok – what to see and do?

The streets of Bangkok has the unwarranted reputation for being a chaotic city saturated with tourists holding a ‘selfie stick’, but don’t get it twisted – it is one of the most visited cities in the world for a reason. If chaos and selfie sticks aren’t your thing, don’t be put off – Bangkok still has plenty to offer!

Street Food – Image Source: Willflyforfood


Eating in Bangkok offers variety of great dining experiences, unfortunately with such great variety one of the most difficult things about your trip to Bangkok is the decision on where to eat? As tourists we are constantly on the search to find the most authentic experience possible. The options are endless to indulge in a fantastic Pad Thai or Massamam Curry, hot tip: follow the locals. In terms of dining, it is completely up to how you want your dish to be served – our first suggestion try the street food. Thailand street food is exceedingly popular, convenient, not to mention about as authentic as it gets, whilst in Bangkok experiencing the street food and the atmosphere is a must, and a quality dish will only cost you a couple of dollars! Dining in, away from the chaos of the Bangkok streets and basking in a touch more of a relaxing and intimate atmosphere is another great option.

The Floating Market

Visiting one of Bangkok’s Floating Markets is an absolute must do, and yes it is what the name suggests! Goods are sold from small rafts, dating back to when water transport was hugely important in everyday life. The Floating Markets will deliver a shopping experience like no other, the key is to immerse yourself in the uniqueness of the experience and enjoy some of the best local food and product Bangkok has to offer, aboard!

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is the national sport and Martial Art of Thailand, dating back several hundred years ago. Muay Thai’s history is rich, enduring and continues to be taught and practiced – with competitive events held regularly, local’s skills in the art are on display in local fighting arenas. Competitive fighters have been students of the art for many years, their skills are impeccable and simply incredible to witness. Fighters will display astonishing athleticism, evasive skills, technique and fitness in order to be victorious against their opponent at the end of the fight! A night out witnessing authentic Muay Thai is a highly recommended experience!

Tour the Temples

Golden Buddha – Wat Traimit

If observing and reflecting whilst admiring historical architecture and culture is your thing – then Bangkok has an incredible amount of sacred temples that will allow you reflect, observe, learn and appreciate. With no shortage in temple locations – it is incredibly difficult to decide on which temple to enter. Our first recommendation is Loha Prasat, known for its unique architecture, referred to as the ‘Metal Castle’, Loha Prasat was submitted to UNESCO in 2005 to become a World Heritage Site, highlighting its historical and cultural significance. Next is the Wat Traimit, aesthetically pleasing – the Wat Traimit is a multi-level white and gold temple. Not only is its wonderful architecture visually attractive, inside sits an immense Gold Buddha, the largest of its kind in the world. The Gold Buddha measures in at 5 metres high and weighing in at 5 and a half ton, and is said to be constructed in the 13th-14th century, delivering an unbelievable sight! To round out our top 3 temple recommendations – the Wat Phra Kaew. Located within the grounds of the Grand Palace, the Wat Phra Kaew or know as the ‘The Temple of the Emerald Buddha’ is regarded as the most important and visited temples in Bangkok. One of the most prominent features of the Wat Phra Kaew is of course the Emerald Buddha, which is carved into a 66cm tall block of Jade. The Wat Phra Kaew details will leave you in awe, with a 2km walk of insanely detailed mural paintings that portray the 178 scenes of the historic story of Ramayana.

Koh Samui

If you’re looking to follow and connect with the sun amongst some of the most glorious beaches and relaxing stays magnificent Thailand has to offer – Koh Samui has certainly more than what you bargain for. Even more so, its not just a kissing sun, stunning beaches and relaxing accomodation, Koh Samui has many other happenings that’ll fulfil your experience that little bit more!

Mind, Body & Soul

Whilst retreating in beautiful Koh Samui – there will be no better opportunity for finding your inner Zen! With some of the most relaxing surrounds your Mind, Body and Soul will certainly feel at ease with some meditation, massages, yoga or perhaps some alone time with a book or some soothing music.

Explore the water

The crystal clear waters of Koh Samui are made to be explored! Your water exploring options run deep – through personal preference you can experience remain above sea level. Jumping aboard and enjoying a sailboat tour experience whilst taking a back seat enjoying the surrounds is a fantastic option, or if you’re a little bit more daring and not afraid of taking a little dip, standing strong on a paddle board and navigating your own way (highly recommended at sunrise or sunset) provides stunning views! Of course if you want to get a great view of Earth’s greatest mysteries – chuck on a snorkel, goggles and some flippers and explore what lies beneath!

Wine & Dine in Paradise

Wine & Dine options throughout Koh Samui are diverse and cater to many different preferences! Whether enjoying a delicious sea-side dinner or dining indoors your experience will remain authentic, vibrant and bursting with incredible flavours! Some fantastic options amongst Koh Samui are: Rice Barge & Terrace, Sumatra Thai Dining, Krua Samui, Poppies Restaurant, RockPool and Celes Beachfront Restaurant.