Thailand MotoGP Coronavirus COVID19 Travel Statement

2020 Thailand MotoGP™ Cancellation Advice

In March 2020, as an effect of global pandemic, the Thai government communicated it would no longer be possible to hold the 2020 Thailand MotoGP™ on its original date, and was postponed from the March 20-22 2020 fixture. This event was one of the first events affected by the pandemic and had originally been rescheduled to October 3-4, 2020. After a string of event cancellations and postponements since March, coinciding with further deliberation from FIM, IRTA and Dorna, a new MotoGP schedule was been released. The event calendar was out with 17 races set to take place between July and December. Although the 2020 Thailand MotoGP was scheduled to take place with new dates late on Friday, July 31st, it was announced that the 2020 Thailand MotoGP™ has been officially cancelled. 

In what has been a challenging year for the sport and travel industries, the initial postponement of the Thailand MotoGP™ was the first of many scheduled Sportsnet® events to be impacted by the pandemic. It is also one of only a few events that we have been unable to be resolved for an extended period of time. Although we are all disappointed that we could not travel to Thailand this year, we are pleased to receive closure regarding the future of this event. Now that the fate of the 2020 Thailand MotoGP™ is known, we can commence resolving your Travel Packages.

Our Global Operations team has been in continuous contact with the suppliers involved in your package; including but not limited to hotels, airlines, hospitality venues & official event promoters. Once we have received a final resolution with each supplier, we will provide you with a remedy in-line with the specifics of your individual Travel Package. We appreciate your continued patience as we work to resolve this for you. We will be in contact with you directly in the coming weeks with the details of your specific remedy.

As travel packages differ for each individual bookings, remedies provided will vary on a case by case basis. All bookings are subject to each of our suppliers’ terms and conditions. Based on previous event cancellations during this pandemic, the most likely remedy to your travel package (excluding any flights or travel insurance) will be a full and transferable Sportsnet® Credit Note covering the event tickets, accommodation & hospitality elements of your package. Flights will be treated separately and subject to the terms of the airline.  

When future Thailand MotoGP™ Travel Packages are available again, guests with 2020 travel packages will be given priority access to the new event dates. You will be contacted by email and SMS when your priority booking window is open. Guests who are not able to travel to the next scheduled event will be able to use their credit on any Sportsnet® listed event. Please refer to your Sportsnet® Credit Note when it arrives for the full terms and conditions.

Travel Insurance

Several of our customers have made successful claims with their travel insurer in relation to the cancellation of the 2020 Thailand MotoGP™ and a number of other guests have claims still pending. Should you wish to apply for a refund for your booking this can be done via your travel insurance provider. If you wish to claim on travel insurance, please contact us for an official letter of cancellation to support your claim. Contact [email protected] for the official letter of cancellation to support your claim. We cannot guarantee the outcome of your claim as this is independently assessed by the insurance provider. It is also pertinent to advise, if you have made a claim (irrespective of claim status) your insurance will be deemed to have been used and the ability to transfer your travel insurance policy to a new date will not be possible.

If you have queries about event cancellations or postponements we have answered the most common questions here on our FAQs page.

As a business Sportsnet Holidays’ success has been built on satisfying our customers; many of whom travel with us year in and year out. This moment does not change our mission to keep our customers satisfied. We are focused on achieving the best possible outcome for each and every one of our clients. It is unfortunate and understandably frustrating that we cannot provide a detailed resolution to all of our guests at this time. We will work through this for you.

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Thank you again for your understanding in what is a challenging time for all.

Stay safe. Stay home.

We’ll holiday again soon.

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