The Sportsnet® Story

Sportsnet® Holidays (Sportsnet®) is Australia and New Zealand’s premier sports travel and experience business. For over two decades Sportsnet® has formulated successful partnerships with some of the world’s largest and prolific sporting event stakeholders. We are proud to say that we have assisted with making the dreams of hundreds of thousands of sports fans come true over a 23-year history.

It is no secret that Australians have a love of sport and an unrelenting desire to travel within Australia and abroad. This culture turned out to be the driving force behind the creation of the Sportsnet® brand in August 1998. As the Sportsnet® business has evolved, our mission has stayed the same: make it easy for sport fans to attend their favourite sporting events (to “see it live!”), no matter where the event or fixture was being staged in the world.

By remaining true to its core business strategy while maintaining a dedication to excellence, Sportsnet® has grown to become Australia’s leading and largest provider of sports travel experiences.

Our Values

Everything we do is done with our core values under pinning the process

Passion and Enthusiasm

Small is Big

Be World Class


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