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Formula 1® Vinfast Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 – New Dates Coming Soon

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Be a part of history and experience the first-ever Formula 1® Grand Prix to be staged in Vietnam LIVE! Feel the electricity and the culture of the streets Hanoi as the world’s fastest cars scream past, just centimetres from the barriers!

The host of the Formula 1® Vinfast Vietnam Grand Prix 2020, Hanoi, is Vietnam’s capital and the country’s second-largest by population with more than 8 million people. Hanoi is one of the world’s most intriguing cities with a rich history and culture that begs visitors to immerse themselves in. Having been under imperial, French, Japanese and now democratic rule in it’s 1,000+ year history, everything from the architecture, the food, to the customs is a unique fusion. Suffice to say that very few travellers ever visit Hanoi and/or Vietnam just once!

If you’d love to be a part of history and be there LIVE at the inaugural 2020 Formula 1® Vietnam Grand Prix, please take a moment to enquire by selecting a package below and completing the Enquiry Form at the bottom of the package page. One of our friendly travel experts will then get in contact with you to discuss your travel requirements and the package inclusions in further detail.

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Learn more about the 2020 Formula 1® Vietnam Grand Prix and the Hanoi Street Circuit by checking out these videos on YouTube:

The stage for the 2020 Formula 1® Vietnam Grand Prix is set to be a circuit of the street variety (which will make it just the fourth on the current Formula 1® calendar, joining Monaco, Singapore and Azerbaijan) and will be 5.57km in length. Designed by renowned track architect, Herman Tilke, the circuit will use a combination of both existing and existing roads and will pay homage to a number of existing F1® circuits by replicating many of their most iconic turns. Examples include Turns 1 and 2 being based on the opening two corners of Germany’s Nurburgring, Turns 12 and 15 replicate Monaco’s run up the hill to Massenet and the Turn 16-19 sequence is reminiscent of the famous Esseses at Suzuka, Japan.

However, just because it’s a street circuit, don’t be fooled into thinking that the Hanoi Street Circuit is going to (relatively!) slow! The circuit will feature a 1.5km-long straight that is estimated will see cars doing 335km/h through the speed trap! Perhaps more interesting from a strategy perspective is that the pit lane will see drivers ‘skip’ the first and final corners, which will cut down on the amount of time it takes to a stop and therefore make multi-stop strategies more attractive. Imagine seeing a driver on a multi-stop strategy with fresh tyres trying to close the gap on a driver that has elected for only a single stop in the dying laps!

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