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  • 2018 Isle of Man Classic TT®

    Competitor at the Isle of Man Classic TT prepares to lean into a corner From: SOLD OUT
    Date: 18 Aug, 2018 - 31 Aug, 2018
    2018 Isle of Man Classic TT Tours now SOLD OUT! ® TT is a registered trade mark of the Department of Economic Development (a Department of the Isle of Man Government) The centrepiece of the Isle of Man Festival of Motorcycling, held over 4 fantastic days, the 2018 Isle of Man Classic TT celebrates the history and ...
  • 2019 Isle of Man TT®

    Isle of Man TT 2019 Tours & Travel Packages • Sportsnet Holidays
    From: $2,349 AUD per person
    Date: 25 May, 2019 - 07 Jun, 2019
     { "@context": "", "@type": "SportsEvent", "name": "Isle of Man TT 2019", "description": "We could wax lyrical about how great the Isle of Man TT is for paragraphs upon paragraphs, however we thought we’d leave it someone that has a greater understanding of the event than just about anyone – two-time race winner and 10-time ...
  • 2019 Isle of Man Classic TT®

    alt="Isle of Man Classic TT rider" 2019 Isle of Man Classic TT Travel Packages & Deals Coming Soon – Click to Pre-Register! The centrepiece of the Isle of Man Festival of Motorcycling, moves the focus away from the pure speed, danger and lap times its counterpart the Isle of Man TT  predicates upon to a celebration of the history and heritage of the ...

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alt="Motorcycle rider riding at the Isle of Man TT"

It goes without saying that the Isle of Man TT and the Classic TT are truly incredible events – particularly in this day and age of heightened safety concerns in every sport, especially of the motor variety. There are few other events in the world that allow competitors to risk their lives in the pursuit of glory, and even fewer that allow likeminded spectators to get so close to that journey. The fact there is relatively little prize money on offer only serves to make the event more special in some ways, as riders are competing almost exclusively for just the glory and prestige.

The first time you experience a Superbike-class machine scream past you – only 2 or 3 metres away – going almost 300km/h is something that, without meaning to sound too clichéd, you will never forget. The brutal shriek of the motor; the vibrations from the sound reverberating throughout your chest; the smell of an unrestricted exhaust (no Euro 4 on these bikes!) pumping out the gasses of a 200+ hp beast at 12,000prm; the rush from the wake of air left behind by a machine that is barely holding onto the road… it’s an assault on the senses in the best possible way. And then you look up the road a moment later and see that the rider has already completed a jump, got knee down around a corner and vanished into the distance on one wheel no less… all just for the love of the event. Again, incredible.


Isle of Man TT – Facts & Stats

First year held: 1907
Times held: 98 (to 2017)
Typical month(s) staged in: May, June
Most rider wins: Joey Dunlop (26)
Most manufacturer wins: Honda (227)
Fastest lap: Michael Dunlop, 2016, BMW S1000RR: 16 minutes, 53.929 seconds (133.962 mph)
Current Categories: Senior TT, Superbike, Superstock, Supersport, Lightweight TT, TT Zero Challenge, Sidecar

Classic TT/Manx Grand Prix – Facts & Stats

First year held: 1923 (Manx Grand Prix), 2013 (Classic TT)
Times held: Manx Grand Prix – , Classic TT – 5 (to 2017)
Typical month(s) staged in: August, September
Most rider wins: Bob Heath (11)
Most manufacturer wins: Not Available
Fastest lap: Michael Evans, 2017, Suzuki 750cc (Outright Manx Grand Prix): 18 minutes 25.495 seconds (122.866 mph); Bruce Anstey, 2017, Yamaha YZR500 (Outright Classic TT): 17 minutes 45.348 seconds (127.496 mph)
Current Categories: Senior Manx Grand Prix, Supertwin Race, Lightweight Race, Junior Manx Grand Prix, Junior Classic TT, Senior Classic TT, Lightweight Classic TT, Superbike Classic TT, Newcomers Race ‘A’, Newcomers Race ‘B’

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