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The Isle of Man TT is a truly incredible event. There are few other events in the world that allow spectators to risk their lives in the pursuit of glory, and even fewer that allow likeminded spectators to get so close to that journey. The fact that there is relatively little prize money on offer only serves to make the event more special as riders are competing almost exclusively for just the glory and prestige of winning. The first time you experience a Superbike class machine scream past you, going almost 300km/h, is something that you will never forget!

Sportsnet Holidays are an Official Partner of the Isle of Man TT 2019. We offer a selection of tours and travel packages which all include Race tickets, accomodation, transfers, Sure Mobile Phone, Sportsnet merchandise, exclusive TT Tipes guide, and much more!

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We could wax lyrical about how great the Isle of Man TT is for paragraphs upon paragraphs, however we thought we’d leave it someone that has a greater understanding of the event than just about anyone – two-time race winner and 10-time competitor, Australian TT legend and all-round great bloke, Cameron Donald:

“When you arrive at the Isle of Man and you step off the boat, you know you’re at the hallowed ground of motorcycle racing. It’s the Mecca of motorcycle racing, it’s the Isle of Man. It’s the oldest motorcycle race in the world; it’s the longest course in the world; it’s the longest street circuit in the world and it’s the most dangerous motorcycle race in the world.

To begin with, you start by heading down Bray Hill – the steepest downhill section of any motorcycle race in the world – straight into a dip that you hit flat out in top gear when you get it right and you don’t have to roll the throttle. Follow that up over Ago’s Leap, straight into a jump that where you’re likely to have the front wheel near vertical in the air as you get airborne. That’s all within the first five hundred metres! You’ll pass thirty-odd pubs in a lap of the circuit, which are all brilliant spectating points. What other track in the world can you stand in a beer garden, literally less than one metre from the circuit? If you wanted to, you could reach out and touch the bikes going past. As a rider it’s brilliant when you’re riding past and you can literally look into the eyes of the spectators standing there waving their programme, drinking a pint! Sometimes you wish you were joining them when things aren’t going so well with the bike on the track!

When you go over the humpback bridge at Ballaugh and you jump a metre to a metre and a half off the ground; it’s just incredible what you’re putting your body and your bike through. A couple of miles down the road from Ballaugh is the fastest jump on the circuit which, when you’re doing a lap in the car, wouldn’t feel like much more than a small bump. You hit that bump on a Superbike in fifth gear doing 150-160+ mph, you’ll go fifty or sixty metres down the road before you touch back down on the ground.

It’s unbelievable! It’s things like that when people tell you, it’s hard to believe until you get over there and see it for yourself; until you get over there and sit on the hedge and watch it with your own eyes. And thats the great thing the TT, you can do that. I mean, we love going to Grand Prix’s as motorcycle spectators. I know I do. I love going to my Grand Prix at Phillip Island and to some of the other Grand Prix’s I’ve been to around the world. But there’s always that gap between the circuit and yourself. There’s a ripple strip, there’s a run-off area, there’s grass, there’s a fence. Not at the TT. You can stand there in someone’s front yard, you can stand on the footpath and there’s nothing but a bit of rope bunting between you and the riders going past at… well, we’re nudging 200 mph, so what’s that, about 325kph. In a race, we complete six 67km laps, averaging over 200kph where some of the corners are dead-stop hairpins and you get down to first gear. Our lowest speed is probably about 50km/h and it feels like you could jump off and walk faster at the time! So to be able to go through corners that slow and still average 200kph gives you an idea of just how quick the average section of the course is. It’s incredible! It’s so fast, so exciting! But it’s always a buzz to sit on the hedge with the spectators and talk to fans that tell you that they’ve sat at this same spot for the past 10-20 years sometimes. They’ll give you a tip that this is a different spot to watch, or this other place is great to go for a feed and a pint.

You don’t find that in any other motorcycle race in the world.”

® TT is a registered trade mark of the Department of Economic Development (a Department of the Isle of Man Government)

Kick of your TT trip with a lap of your own! ˜ On the first day of the tour you’ll experience every metre of the 37.73 miles Snaefell Mountain Course with a former or current TT rider talking you through every corner and undulation. Previous guests on the coach have included two-time TT winner, Cameron Donald, and fastest ever Australian around the course, David ‘Davo’ Johnson.

The Official VIP Suite is located within the paddock area, so you’re able to come and go from the Suite as you please to soak in the electric atmosphere as teams and riders do their final shakedown before Race Day 1. Included with your pass to the Official VIP Suite is entry to the TT Main Grandstand located above the pits, so you’ll be able to see some of the hardest and fastest launches you’re ever likely to see! Within the VIP Suite itself you’ll be able to help yourself to a delicious two-course buffet dinner.

Another exclusive for Sportsnet Holidays travellers, the Sportsnet Riders Panel Dinner is possibly the highlight of the entire tour. Hosted by Cameron Donald, the Dinner is your chance to rub shoulders with some of the fastest and bravest racers in the world and ask them the questions you’ve always wondered about. The Dinner is also a great opportunity for you to grab some signatures and a few snaps as well. The evening includes a two course buffet dinner and drinks (including spirits) throughout. Previous guests have included John McGuinness, Ian Hutchinson, Bruce Anstey and James Hillier amongst others.

Perhaps the most iconic pub on The Isle, the Creg-Ny-Baa is certainly the one with the best view of the action! Situated on a sharp right corner of the same name, the balcony of ‘The Creg’ overlooks the corner and allows you to see the riders hurtling down the mountain at 300+ km/h before braking heavily to get down to 2nd gear for the sharp right-hander. The best thing about ‘The Creg’, Sportsnet clients have exclusive accessº to the upstairs bar and balcony for the entire day. Drinks are provided for the entire day and the catering is bloody amazing!

Held on the evening of Race Day 4 and your last night on The Isle (unless you’ve extended your stay of course!), as it’s name suggests the Farewell Drinks is your chance to say goodbye to your fellow Sportsnet travellers and discuss the last week-and-a-bit of racing. In fact, in the past we’ve had a few riders make appearances, so there’s even a chance you’ll get a debrief from a rider’s perspective! Naturally, drinks and nibbles are supplied throughout the night!

* 9 Night Tour & 9 Night ‘Platinum’ Tour Clients Only. ˆ 9 Night Tour &’Race Break 2′ clients only ˜ Weather permitting º 9 Night Tour clients only.

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Isle of Man TT 2019 – Event Overview

Official Event Name: Isle of Man TT 2019: Fuelled by Monster Energy
Event Start Date: 25 May 2019
Event End Date: 7 June 2019
Event Official Website:
Event Category: Road Racing
Performers: To Be Announced
Event Location: Snaefell Mountain Course
Event Address: Isle of Man
Packages in range: 5
Packages prices from: $2,349*



  • 9 Night Escorted Tour

    alt="Rider at the Isle of Man TT - Isle of Man TT 2019 Travel Packages"
    From: $7,995 AUD per person
    Date: 30 May, 2019 - 08 Jun, 2019
    Sportsnet Holidays are an Official Partner of the Isle of Man TT 9 Night Escorted Isle of Man TT 2019® tour includes: Race Tickets: Evening Practice from the Official VIP Suite including access to the VIP Grandstand, Start Line pass, buffet dinner, beer, wine and soft drinks (served with dinner) & special guest speakers. Hospitality ticket ...
  • 9 Night 'Platinum' Escorted Tour

    alt="Two riders riding at the Isle of Man TT - Isle of Man TT 2019 Travel Packages"
    From: $11,495 AUD per person
    Date: 30 May, 2019 - 08 Jun, 2019
    Sportsnet Holidays are an Official Partner of the Isle of Man TT 9 Night ‘Platinum’ Isle of Man TT® 2019 tour includes: Race Tickets: Evening Practice from the Official VIP Suite including access to the VIP Grandstand, Start Line pass, buffet dinner, beer, wine and soft drinks (served with dinner) & special guest speakers. Official ...
  • Race Break 1 (Race Days 1 & 2) - 5 Night Packages

    alt="Rider turning at the Isle of Man TT race - Isle of Man TT 2019 Travel Packages"
    From: $2,599 AUD per person
    Date: 30 May, 2019 - 04 Jun, 2019
    Sportsnet Holidays are an Official Partner of the Isle of Man TT ‘Race Break 1’ Isle of Man TT® 2019 package includes: 5 night’s accommodation at the 4 star Palace Hotel Casino, Douglas. – View Hotel Location – View Hotel Prices. Check In: Thursday 30th May, 2019. Check Out: Tuesday 4th June, 2019. Full English ...
  • Race Break 2 (Race Days 3 & 4) - 4 Night Packages

    alt="Rider at the Isle of Man turning - Isle of Man TT 2019 Travel Packages"
    From: $2,349 AUD per person
    Date: 04 Jun, 2019 - 08 Jun, 2019
    Sportsnet Holidays are an Official Partner of the Isle of Man TT ‘Race Break 2’ Isle of Man TT® 2019 package includes: 4 night’s accommodation at the 4 star Palace Hotel Casino, Douglas. – View Hotel Location – View Hotel Prices. Check In: Tuesday 4th June, 2019. Check Out: Saturday 8th June, 2019. Full English breakfast ...


  • Paula says:

    I would like to buy two tickets for the final practice session and the final race Day (the Senior TT) for 2019, could you let me know what the options are and where I could buy the tickets.
    Thank you very much.
    Best regards, Paula

    • Will says:

      Hi Paula,

      Thanks so much for your message. We only sell packages (tickets + accommodation + transfers + experiences etc) to the Isle of Man TT, however I’ll arrange for one of our friendly consultants to contact you in case we can put together something that works for you – our packages are very flexible 🙂


  • Leigh says:

    5 night packages, is the airfares included from Australia?

    • Will says:

      Hi Leigh,

      Thanks for checking our 2019 Isle of Man TT tours and travel packaeges. Flights aren’t included in the Race Break packages, however it is something that we can book for you. I’ll organise one of our travel experts to send you an email with more info.


  • Bronwyn Dobier says:

    Hi, this is on my Husbands bucket list. We live in Dunedin, NZ and would love to know more so we can attend 2019 TT

    • Will says:

      Hi Bronwyn,

      Thanks for your interest in travelling to the 2019 TT with us! I’ve arranged for one our friendly consultants to get in touch with you shortly to discuss your requirements and our travel options in further detail. Keep an eye/ear out on your inbox/phone!


  • Leisa says:

    Hello! Can you possibly get flights from Auckland NZ instead, or would we need to fly to Sydney and pick up the package flight from there?

    • Will says:

      Hi Leisa,

      Thanks for your enquiry! You have a couple of different options: 1. You can remove the flights from the package (this reduces the cost of the tour by $2200 per person) and book your own flights, or 2. As you suggested, we can add the flight from New Zealand to Australia for you and you use the flights included in the package. Leisa, I’ve arranged a consultant to get in touch with you to discuss further, so keep an eye on your emails!


  • Lori says:

    My Son loved riding and it was his dream to go to the duke of man .. unfortunately he died losing control of his bike in 2015..only 26 years old .. I would love to go and see what had him do passionately obsessed and maybe leave some of his ashes there as I feel he will be watching and by my side spiritually .. maybe there is a cheaper way for me to attend the Isle of Man races in 2019 please let me know .. I live in Florida

    • Will says:

      Hi Lori,

      Thanks for your message and we’re really sorry to hear that your son passed away (especially so young), that is very sad. If nothing else, it sounds like he died doing what he loved. With regards to your enquiry, I’ll forward it onto one of our friendly and helpful consultants who will be in touch with you shorty to discuss your travel requirements further.

    • Emiel Thysse says:

      Hi Lori. I’m also a biker and lost more than one friend to mcycle accidents. I’ve stopped riding bikes and took up flying. But there is still nothing that beats motorcycling. Its also my dream to one day go to TT race. Let me know if you get a good deal. I’m from South Africa.

  • Aaron Bernstein says:

    Gradually filling my TT jar for 2019. Looking for a package at around USD $3,500. As you’ve mentioned, flight may be less expensive purchasing my own. Coming from California. How fast do packages go? Do I have time to fill my jar? Thanks!

    • Will says:

      Hi Aaron,

      Thanks for dropping us a message! Doing one of our Race Break packages shouldn’t be an issue on your budget (in fact, you should able to do the 9-night package if you’ll be travelling with someone else?), although getting flights also included within your budget could be a bit tricky. The good news is that we only require 50% of the price of the package upfront, which will give you more time to fill up the rest of your jar 😉

      Re: how fast packages sell-out, every year is a little bit different, however last year took off faster than a S1000RR with launch mode and we were sold out well before the end of the year – so I wouldn’t wait too long! The other benefit of booking sooner rather than later is that you’ll receive the hardcover coffee table book if you book before the end of August, and you’ll go into the running to win an official Wryst TT watch if you book before the end of July.

      Aaron, I’ll arrange for one of our consultants to get in touch with you shortly to discuss all of the above in more detail and hopefully we can get you along to what’s an incredible trip.


  • Mag Ranft says:

    Do you offer this trip coming from Dublin? We’d be flying from the US and there are more flights to Dublin. Plus, we’ve been to Liverpool and the Beatles museum.

    • Will says:

      Hi Mag,

      Thanks for reaching out! That’s definitely something we should be able to organise for you, as we can absolutely remove the return flights from Australia from the escorted tours (which also reduces the per person cost of the tours by $2,200 AUD per person). I’ve arranged for one of our friendly consultants to get in touch with you shortly to discuss further, hopefully we can assist!


  • Fiona Goldsmith says:

    I would like to find out how much it is in English money for 1 person and his motorbike .Traveling from Liverpool and then by ferry to the island .And how much for the week from the start of the tt to the end for the accommodation please . I would like to give this present to my partner as a surprise for his birthday next year

    • Will says:

      Hi Fiona,

      Many thanks for your enquiry! Your enquiry is quite a specific one, so I’ve arranged for one of our knowledgeable travel consultants to contact you shortly to discuss your requirements further and give you a quote 🙂 What a fantastic surprise present though!


  • Kim says:

    Hi guys,
    Just wondering is this the main event of racing .. I only ask as researching all this other dates pop up and we are a little confused as to what time of year if would be. I’m assuming British summer as we’re only after the main race week for the Isle of Mann.. Also would 9 nights be over kill or it’s safe to say we won’t get bored.
    Thanks in advance

    • Will says:

      Hi Kim,

      The TT is absolutely the main event when it comes to all the road races on the Isle of Man – our tour gets there the night before the final practice session, and departs the morning after the final Race Day (the Senior TT). And it is indeed the British summer 🙂 As for whether 9 nights is overkill, that’s a bit of a subjective thing, however having had the privilege to go last year and being a fan of all bike racing myself, I can honestly say that I never for a moment felt ‘bored’! There’s actually a fair few things to do and see on The Isle and also with our escorted tours, there’s heaps of extras included outside of just a ticket to each Race Day, so if you find yourself spending time at the hotel during the day it’s because you need a rest!

      Kim, I’ve entered your details into our system, so one of our consultants will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your enquiry and travel requirements in more detail 🙂


  • John Such says:

    How do you work with flights from the USA !!!

    • Will says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for your message! We can remove the return flights from Australia in the tours which will reduce the per person cost by $2,200. You then have the option of either booking your own flights, or we can book them for you, however given that you’re based in the US and you’ll be booking US flights, you’ll most likely have access to cheaper prices than we will. Alternatively, we also offer ‘Race Break’ packages which are a bit more basic than the tours and don’t include all the extras the tours include such as the coach tour of course, our exclusive TT Riders Panel evening, transfers throughout, a day of hospitality at Creg-ny-Baa etc.

      In the meantime, John I have entered your details into our system and one of our helpful consultants will be in touch shortly with more info.


  • James Shalders says:

    Are air fares included?

    • Will says:

      Hi James,

      Return Emirates airfares from Australian capital cities (Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney – other cities are available on application) are included with the 9 Night and 9 Night ‘Platinum’ tours only. However, you also have the option of removing the flights from the tours and booking them yourself – this reduces the price of the package by $2,200 per person.


  • Suzanne Lees says:

    We need to stay in a hotel on the course due to my dissablities

    • Will says:

      Hi Suzanne,

      Unfortunately we don’t offer accommodation ‘on’ the course (although both our hotel options are centrally located in Douglas). However, we do offer return hotel to grandstand/viewing point transfers in our 9 Night & 9 Night ‘Platinum’ tours. In fact, we include all transfers throughout for our tours 🙂


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