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Date 13 Oct, 2023 15 Oct, 2023

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An exciting new addition to the MotoGP™ schedule is the Indonesian Motorcycle Grand Prix! A street circuit, (which will be a first for MotoGP™) in the Mandalika Resort Area on the beautiful island of Lombok will deliver high speed MotoGP™ in one of the most idyllic locations in the world! And although the circuit will have a street-style layout and will be surrounded by hotels and buildings, it will in actual fact be a permanent circuit with the typical run-off areas and safety features. The planned circuit will be just over 4.3km in length, feature 19 corners and 50,000 grandstand seats, and many MotoGP™ insiders are predicting that the event will produce one of, if not the, largest attendance on the MotoGP™ calendar!

If you’re interested in experiencing the first MotoGP™ race to be staged in Indonesia since 1997 (a race that an 18 year old, Valentino Rossi won in the 125cc class, can you believe?!), please take a moment to register your interest by completing the Enquiry Form below. When our 2023 Indonesian MotoGP™ Travel Packages & Tours are released, we’ll send you an email with the details our packages, and if you like what you can see, we can arrange for you to speak to one of our friendly travel experts to discuss the details of the packages and your travel requirements in further detail.

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